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Resurrection on Kickstarter — Fusion Zombie Stew?

Another day, another zombie game. Resurrection is currently advertised on Kickstarter as “a new take on the zombie classic”.  It’s a survival FPS RPG that transitions to a 3rd person brawler when in melee mode.  Stay alive, kill zombies, look for a cure, kill more zombies.  Not sure what’s new about it.  Is it the… Read More »

Escape Dead Island — Escape Dead Gilligan’s Island might have been better

Escape Dead Island is out and I’m wondering what’s appealing about this game besides blasting zombies. It’s a psychological mystery game with the same psychology issues that all zombie games have. Better to die or live in fear? Who is the enemy – the undead or the living? Ho-big-Hum. And it’s not only about solving… Read More »

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land: Mobile Game Trailer – Tie-in games should be tied up and left for zombies to snack on

Zombies are all the same. As far as stories go. Non-zombies inside a place, zombies outside the place. Non-zombies try to survive. And so do the zombies, actually. They have to eat, too. This is the basic formula going back to Romero. The place sometimes changes. A farm, a prison, a mall, etc. Sometimes the… Read More »