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Evolve Survival Guide Trailer — Will Godzilla be a DLC?

The Survival Guide Trailer for Evolve is out. Will it help you survive? Probably not. It’s rocking, though. I might spend $60 or so on February 10 when it comes out on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The 7-minute trailer’s got everything covered, from hunters to monsters to game modes. Want to learn more about… Read More »

Evolve Intro Cinematic Trailer – Where are them man-eating baby monsters?

Evolve’s Intro Cinematic is disappointing, but only because the game itself is sure to be a kick-butt monster-hunting whomp this year. That’s a good whomp. The kind of whomp that’ll make you salivating for DLCs. The game is 4 on 1 asymmetrical multiplayer. Four are hunters and one player is the monster. There are some… Read More »

Dying Light Story Trailer — He’s just a poor parkour instructor, leave him alone

Dying Light has parkour, an open world, and zombies. What more do you need? Well, a game’s gotta have a story, so there’s a story, and when there’s a story, there’s a story trailer. Such is the code of gaminghood these days. The story is a big wad of playdough – all colors squeezed into… Read More »