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Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer — Buddy-bonding at its best!

It’s good to have a buddy, especially if that buddy is a Titan. Titanfall 2’s official launch trailer is a 100-second buddy montage.  It’s up there with the greatest of buddy montages like the Weed Dream from Harold and Kumar. In the trailer, aspiring pilot, Jack Cooper, and a titan, BT-7274, get down and dirty… Read More »

Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer — Try not to be a hero because heroes get whacked

The marketing blitz has begun for Titanfall 2.  The new teaser trailer shows us…. Not a whole lot. But that’s what a teaser is supposed to do, right?  Whet our appetite, let the juices flow, but not too much until the game is released…. No, not even that.  Get us uppity-up until the next trailer… Read More »