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Battle Academy – Battle for Normandy Walkthrough

Battle Academy is the top mobile World War 2 strategy game. Nothing comes close. At $19.99, it’s also one of the priciest but it’s worth it – it reminds me of old-school bookcase awesomeness, Squad Leader. Here’s how you win the Battle for Normandy scenario. Objectives: Clear the beach area. Secure Causeways. Save the paratroopers… Read More »

Open Panzer – Lodz-Warta River Walkthrough

The Wehrmacht’s campaign in Poland doesn’t get much war-game coverage, perhaps because it was a relatively easy blitzkrieg-in-the-park.  Well, the first battle of Open Panzer’s Fall Weiss campaign was anything but easy.  It took me several weeks, and several re-starts to finally achieve victory over the Poles in the 25-turn Lodz-Warta River scenario. The objective… Read More »

Total War: Rome 2 Caesar in Gaul Expansion – will Vercingetorix get his revenge?

The standalone DLC for Total War: Rome 2, Caesar in Gaul, is out December 12th for $14.99.  You can find all the details on the Total War forum, but basically, the expansion focuses on the Gaulish campaign as the title suggests.  It reminds me of Total War: Medieval Viking Invasion, which focused on the conquest… Read More »

Ancient Battle: Rome – Strike Hard 49 B.C. walkthrough

The Italia campaign of Ancient Battle: Rome turned out to be more of a challenge than expected considering The Hunted Cow’s other turn-based strategy war games (Civil War 1863, Tank Battle North Africa, Tank Battle 1944) had cake-walk demo campaigns.  Especially difficult was The Strike Hard 49 B.C. battle played as house Julii. The objective… Read More »