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Sym on Steam — The Unsolvable Puzzle of Fear

Finally, a game to overcome my sociophobia! I’ve been waiting for this for 30 years. Sym launched on Steam. It’s a platform game about fear. The launch trailer showcases the gameplay. Like an old black and white cartoon, our hero, Josh, travels from puzzle to puzzle, overcoming obstacles that represent different stages of social anxiety.… Read More »

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Gameplay Trailer — Violence is King

Chess is a violent, violent game. Don’t let those small innocent plastic or wooden pieces fool you. Each pawn that is sacrificed or gambited away represents thousands and thousands of men slaughtered in the defense of the king. It’s a cruel world. Especially the way I play chess, no one is spared. It’s a game… Read More »

Stranded Deep — Real Castaway Survival Game?

The Forest is a solid castaway game. But it’s not a real survival game. True survival is hardcore man-against-nature. Even in war, the real battle is feeding your stomach and keeping your feet dry and your body hydrated. Man-eating natives aside, how difficult is the Forest? It’s about trial and error MacGyver stuff. A beach… Read More »

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Jump Festa Trailer — Funny Japanese Fun

Manga is huge in Japan. Like hundreds-of-millions-in-circulation huge. Nothing like comics in the United States. One Piece is HUGE. Japanese love One Piece. One Piece ain’t a dress. It’s some MacGuffin treasure everyone’s searching for. The main character, Luffy, is not only after the One Piece, but the kid wants to be the King of… Read More »

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Gameplay Trailer — Too Many Bread Crumbs?

The Astronauts’ Adrian Chmielarz walks us through 13 minutes of gameplay in the new trailer for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The first-person mystery game (released September 14 on Steam and GOG) combines elements of noir, CSI, and even some X-files.  It was “inspired by the weird fiction (and other tales of the macabre) from… Read More »

The Hum Story Introduction Trailer — This game will kill people

The Hum might just kill me.  Not in-game, but for real.  The survival horror game will have Oculus Rift support, and the virtual reality of a rapture-like apocalypse with creepy aliens lurking in the dark….that’s just too much.  I nearly had a heart attack playing Turok on N64 on a 13-inch TV.  A raptor would… Read More »

Wargame Red Dragon Launch Trailer – A land, air…and sea war in Asia! Get Involved!

A full-scale war in Asia would be a complete disaster.  Give me the Admiral Akbar Award for stating the obvious (“It’s a Trap!”) because here’s the obvious result of total war in Asia: millions dead, more displaced, and billions affected as several generations face chaos, recession and a world without cool gadgets.  That’s why Wargame… Read More »