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Wargame Red Dragon Launch Trailer – A land, air…and sea war in Asia! Get Involved!

A full-scale war in Asia would be a complete disaster.  Give me the Admiral Akbar Award for stating the obvious (“It’s a Trap!”) because here’s the obvious result of total war in Asia: millions dead, more displaced, and billions affected as several generations face chaos, recession and a world without cool gadgets.  That’s why Wargame… Read More »

There Came an Echo Trailer – How to Keep Unwanted Roommates Away

There Came an Echo is a sci-fi squad-based RTS with voice-control, which means you will play alone because your roommates will think you’re weird shouting things like “Make It So” and “Shields Up!” They will label you, talk behind your back, exclude you from party invitations. I know this because when I was in grad… Read More »

Total War: Rome 2 Caesar in Gaul Expansion – will Vercingetorix get his revenge?

The standalone DLC for Total War: Rome 2, Caesar in Gaul, is out December 12th for $14.99.  You can find all the details on the Total War forum, but basically, the expansion focuses on the Gaulish campaign as the title suggests.  It reminds me of Total War: Medieval Viking Invasion, which focused on the conquest… Read More »