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Overfall on Kickstarter — Where no procedurally-generated RPG has gone before?

Exploration is in our blood. We want to see what’s “over there” with the hopes that what’s there is better than what’s here. A new land, a new planet, or perhaps simply a new restaurant on the other side of town, we want to discover new things. That’s why we love exploration games. And why… Read More »

Etrian Mystery Dungeon RPG — The Wanderer will rock your Dungeon!

Old-school dungeon crawlers still sell like hot cakes. Etrian Mystery Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS is more than just an homage. It IS an old-school-ish dungeon crawler. Cartoony, anime characters with big glassy eyes and the turn-based battles. A story about bad guys in dungeons and treasure and everything and everything. Takes me back to way-back-when.… Read More »

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Announcement Trailer — It’s Manly to Glide!

Side-scrollers are still pretty cool, especially ones with intriguing puzzles and creative battles. The first thing that sticks out about Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is that it’s more than just a side-scroller like the first two in the series. It’s still a side-scroller, but it’s got some 3D elements, too. Check out the… Read More »

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Teaser Trailer — Life sucked back then

Life sucks, so you play games, right? As any form of entertainment, gaming gives you a couple hours respite from nagging girlfriends, entrance exams, unpaid bills and scapegoating bosses. So you become something you’re not. Someone with strength, riches, magical powers. You don’t often play games to enter a world that sucks even more than… Read More »

Bloodborne Debut Trailer – it’s a werewolf, man. Werewolf!

It’s dark, it’s cramped, it’s damp, and the folks just don’t look right.  There’s also a zombie-dog and gutting of dead animals.  Lots to love about the Bloodborne debut trailer.  The trailer doesn’t demo gameplay, but it’s got a cool weapon: a curved knife thing that whips into a scythe thing – over-sized, which is… Read More »

Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer – Don’t Let the World Get Swallowed

Yes, the world is in fact on the verge of being swallowed.  The actual line is, “Unless we act, it will swallow the world.”  According to the new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer, “it” is the Breach, which I suppose is a big hole that will, if not acted-upon, swallow the world.  Being swallowed can’t be… Read More »