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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Jump Festa Trailer — Funny Japanese Fun

Manga is huge in Japan. Like hundreds-of-millions-in-circulation huge. Nothing like comics in the United States. One Piece is HUGE. Japanese love One Piece. One Piece ain’t a dress. It’s some MacGuffin treasure everyone’s searching for. The main character, Luffy, is not only after the One Piece, but the kid wants to be the King of… Read More »

Life is Strange Reveal Trailer — Will your actions in Episode One change your life in Episode Five?

Life is Strange is like a choose-your-own-adventure book except it’s a video game. Remember those? You make one decision, see how it goes, and then go back several pages and make a different decision and see where that goes? That’s this game. The Reveal Trailer shows a teen named Max in a high school world… Read More »

Godzilla New Game PS3 Trailer Japan — To You Soon Coming! Oh, no, only Japan!

Godzilla is coming to Japan…again. In all his (or her?) retro awesomeness, the original butt-kicking, white-fire-breathing Monster of Monsters will come to PS3 consoles on December 18, 2014. Only in Japan, though. The trailer shows His Lizardness in his 1950s latex costume glory, complete with big adorable eyes and pudgy nose. He drops buildings with… Read More »

Escape Dead Island — Escape Dead Gilligan’s Island might have been better

Escape Dead Island is out and I’m wondering what’s appealing about this game besides blasting zombies. It’s a psychological mystery game with the same psychology issues that all zombie games have. Better to die or live in fear? Who is the enemy – the undead or the living? Ho-big-Hum. And it’s not only about solving… Read More »

Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition — Bundles are a bundle of fun

I love bundles. The Total War bundle was one of the best because even the oldest game, Shogun, was still worth playing even though it had Total War: Rome, which completely changed the gameplay in the series. Will Ferrell SNL bundles can’t be beat. Even U2 bundles, as shameless money-making gimmicks they are, are worth… Read More »