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Detached on Oculus Rift — Who needs SpaceX?

For a million dollars (or a bit more), Elon Musk will take you to space.  Anshar Studios will do it for $19.99.  Well, virtually anyway. The Polish developer’s “PvP VR Experience” game, Detached, is now available on the Oculus store.  The early access beta will simulate some of the intensities of being stranded in space. … Read More »

The Hum: Abductions Trailer — Hearing is Believing

Hearing is scarier than seeing. The best horror flicks have the best sound design.  The Shining, The Birds, Exorcist, Ju-On, et al.  The Hum: Abductions is all about sound. The title says it all. Also, check out the trailer and listen to it full-blast on surround or with a pair of nice head-phones. Some excellent… Read More »

The Hum Story Introduction Trailer — This game will kill people

The Hum might just kill me.  Not in-game, but for real.  The survival horror game will have Oculus Rift support, and the virtual reality of a rapture-like apocalypse with creepy aliens lurking in the dark….that’s just too much.  I nearly had a heart attack playing Turok on N64 on a 13-inch TV.  A raptor would… Read More »