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Evolve Intro Cinematic Trailer – Where are them man-eating baby monsters?

Evolve’s Intro Cinematic is disappointing, but only because the game itself is sure to be a kick-butt monster-hunting whomp this year. That’s a good whomp. The kind of whomp that’ll make you salivating for DLCs. The game is 4 on 1 asymmetrical multiplayer. Four are hunters and one player is the monster. There are some… Read More »

WildStar DevSpeak: Adventures – The Coffee Must Flow

Replayability is the main sell in Carbine Studios’s Wildstar DevSpeak. A new mode, “Adventures”, lets players make new of already-visited places. The three-minute video shows five-player simulations in various games including MOBA-like action, tower defenses, and my favorite, caravan escort. There’s nothing more important than keeping supply lines open so that rich merchants get richer,… Read More »

Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer – Something rotten in the world of Tamriel?

An awesome game need not an awesome trailer.  Well-made products don’t require a huge up-front marketing push in order to drive pre-orders.  They’ll sell themselves.  I get suspicious when a game has an amazing trailer.  Does the game suck so bad they need players locked-in before the game releases because when it releases, no one… Read More »