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RULE on Kickstarter — War in Silicon Valley?

I’m constantly thinking about war.  At the grocery store, at the office, the ball game…what if war broke out here and now?  Where would I take cover?  What am I wearing?  Where would I get guns? War is highly unlikely in my Silicon Valley neighborhood.  (Except the tech variety between Apple and Samsung and Google… Read More »

The Station on Kickstarter — Did the Aliens deport us?

We’ve been reaching out to aliens since the mid-20th century.  And if anyone out there had the capability to pick up those radio signals from the 1930s+, then they probably would have the technology to find us where we live.  Unless, of course, they’re busy fighting a civil war. In The Station, we find the… Read More »

Overfall on Kickstarter — Where no procedurally-generated RPG has gone before?

Exploration is in our blood. We want to see what’s “over there” with the hopes that what’s there is better than what’s here. A new land, a new planet, or perhaps simply a new restaurant on the other side of town, we want to discover new things. That’s why we love exploration games. And why… Read More »

The Bard’s Tale IV on Kickstarter In-Engine Video

I need a good dungeon-crawler. Huge open world games are nice and there’s plenty of ‘em these days. But sometimes all I need is a creepy little dungeon to raid, hack, loot and get out with a pocket full of gold. The Bard’s Tale was one of those awesome dungeon crawlers. It goes back 30… Read More »

Hellcrest on Kickstarter — Dirty games need to be funded

I love dirty games. Gods Will be Watching was a dirty game and I loved it. I need more dirty games. And looks like Hellcrest might be the dirtiest of dirty games. You’re trapped. There’s disease. There are brutal thugs, both in uniform and without. Nasty little weapons worse than death. Tragedy of commons. And… Read More »

NightCry Gameplay Trailer (Kickstarter) — Scissors are Scary! (but Rock beats Scissors)

A big dude with a big pair of scissors is killing people. You’re stuck on a cruise ship. What do you do? Rock beats scissors so if I had a rock, I would fight. But I have no rock, so I’m running. And hiding. And I would also take off my high heels, and probably… Read More »

Bitten on Kickstarter — Will this Zombie survival game survive?

Zombie survival games are like cockroaches these days. They keep crawling out. And Kickstarter seems to be that crack behind the fridge where them roaches are breeding. We’ve had Resurrection, Survive the Nights, Zpocalypse and a whole swarm of others. And now, there’s Bitten, which promises to be a “horror survival game with a twist”.… Read More »

Immune Defense on Kickstarter — Is curing people more fun than infecting people?

Infecting people with a deadly disease is fun. In a game. Only a poor excuse for a human being would enjoy wiping out his entire species in real life. But in a game, it’s fun to create, mutate and spread pathogens that can’t be cured. Now, will a game about curing people, instead of infecting… Read More »

Resurrection on Kickstarter — Fusion Zombie Stew?

Another day, another zombie game. Resurrection is currently advertised on Kickstarter as “a new take on the zombie classic”.  It’s a survival FPS RPG that transitions to a 3rd person brawler when in melee mode.  Stay alive, kill zombies, look for a cure, kill more zombies.  Not sure what’s new about it.  Is it the… Read More »