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Postknight Review — Another Mobile F2P RPG to forget

Game Experience: Very Low Game Value: Low Total Score: 16/100 Quiche’s Recommendation: Invest time on other RPG F2Ps instead, like Fire Emblem. F2P RPGs are like Trump’s Executive Orders.  They keep coming and most of them shouldn’t be. Take Kurechii’s Postknight (iOS) for example. It’s and RPG…I guess.  You name the character and s/he levels… Read More »

Fishing Break Review — The best fishing F2P ever made?

Game Experience: High Game Value: High Total Score: 100% Quiche’s Recommendation: Free fishing?  What are you waiting for?  Download now!   Nothing beats fishing, even if it’s on your phone. Relax, cast, reel in a whopper. Roofdog Games’s Fishing Break is the best new F2P this year. It’s got everything a solid F2P should have:… Read More »