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NightCry Gameplay Trailer (Kickstarter) — Scissors are Scary! (but Rock beats Scissors)

A big dude with a big pair of scissors is killing people. You’re stuck on a cruise ship. What do you do? Rock beats scissors so if I had a rock, I would fight. But I have no rock, so I’m running. And hiding. And I would also take off my high heels, and probably… Read More »

The Hum: Abductions Trailer — Hearing is Believing

Hearing is scarier than seeing. The best horror flicks have the best sound design.  The Shining, The Birds, Exorcist, Ju-On, et al.  The Hum: Abductions is all about sound. The title says it all. Also, check out the trailer and listen to it full-blast on surround or with a pair of nice head-phones. Some excellent… Read More »

The Evil Within Gameplay Trailer – Box ’em up!

There’s nothing more horrifying than a blood-covered, axe-wielding butcher with a box on his head named Boxman.  He’s the star of the gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, the new survival-horror by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Bethesda Softworks, and published by Tango Gameworks. Sebastian Castellanos is a detective.  He goes to a crime scene,… Read More »

Among the Sleep Gameplay Trailer – the Open World of a Child’s Mind, or an Attic of Cliches?

You’re a two-year-old in Among the Sleep, a new game by Krillbite Studios from Norway.  The new gameplay trailer is out ahead of the game’s release later in 2014 on Windows, OSX, and Linux.  It’s disappointing that the entirety of the 83-second trailer is spent in an attic.  The child wanders about touching things like… Read More »