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World of Speed Announcement Trailer – Free to Race, but Pay for Speed?

A racing game has to be an online multi-player.  Competitors all over the world vying for a cup, that’s the way it has to be.  Everything about World of Speed looks amazing.  The announcement trailer shows sleek graphics, not only the rides but the scenery as well.  It’s also free-to-play, which raises concerns about pay-to-win. … Read More »

Dungeon Keeper Review – Amassing gold is the point, in-game and out

Electronic Arts’s mobile game, Dungeon Keeper, has been criticized…well, its been beaten up and dragged behind a horse…since its release late last year.  It’s not a great game – not in-line with the franchise – and the FTP is impossible to play for more than a minute or so without paying cash.  I’ve had the… Read More »

Dark District Review – good old sci-fi western freemium

Some of the best sci-fi are essentially westerns.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Mad Max, and of course, the Riddick trilogy, are examples of sci-fi classics that, at its core, are wild-west gunslingers.  Dark District, Kabam’s new iOS free-to-play, is a sci-fi western. The planet, Tenebri, is a resource-rich mining town.  It has become completely lawless… Read More »