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Just Cause 3: Firestarter Trailer — Rico Rodriguez will git some, and then he’ll git some more

If you have in your head what Rico Rodriguez has in his head, you’ll probably be institutionalized. But he’s Rico, our favorite master of mayhem and captain of carnage, and he’s back to git-more-of-that-some in Just Cause 3. The Firestarter trailer shows us his visualization technique as he’s going from Point A, airplane, to Point… Read More »

Far Cry 4 World Gameplay Premiere Trailer – Don’t Piss Off the Elephants!

The elephants sold me.  Yes, there are elephants in Far Cry 4.  And not just any elephants.  Blood-thirsty, crazy-mad elephants.  The gameplay premiere, narrated by two creatives, boasts an open world (though the video focused on a mountain pass) and lots of animals including yaks, an eagle and yes, elephants.  I love elephants. There’s some… Read More »

Destiny Sharing Commercial – will it share some of my Titanfall time?

What is Destiny?  Better question is what isn’t Destiny?  It’s an RPG FPS MMO.  The developer, Bungie (of Halo fame) is calling it a “shared-world shooter.”  It’s also got speeder bikes like the ones from Return of the Jedi.  And character art that reminds me of Robotech, especially The New Generation, which also had a… Read More »

Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay Trailer – Ain’t your Grandpa’s Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein is old.  Three generations old.  The first developer was a baby boomer.  It goes back to the beginning of gaming.  One of the first stealth games, and then the first FPS.  So what keeps the series so popular?  One word: Nazis.  Lots and lots of Nazis to blast away, blow up, chain-saw in half,… Read More »

Get Even Trailer – Get Next Gen!

The new trailer for Get Even is out and the visuals are impressive – like a photo-real painting or a scene from a movie.  The game, about memories vs reality and so on, uses some fancy scanning technology to create the “realistic” world.  The trailer only shows the inside of a dark, gray and abandoned… Read More »

Alien: Isolation Announcement Trailer – let the geek battles begin!

The Alien vs Aliens debate has ignited countless geek battles over the years.  It’s a topic as inflammatory in geekdom as “Who’s the best Doctor Who?”  On one hand, you have the survival thriller.  One Alien and a crew of terrified but healthy walking-incubators picked off one by one in the dark. Then there’s Aliens,… Read More »