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WWE Immortals Review — Swipe your finger, not your credit card.

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: Medium Quiche’s Recommendation: Swipe your finger, not your credit card, to get The Rock Review Guidelines are here. WWE Immortals has The Rock. And Triple H. And The Undertaker. That’s all you need to know. But here’s more if you want to know more: The Android/iOS F2P is a 3v3… Read More »

Abyss Odyssey Trailer – Fight, side-scroll, absorb a few souls

Zeno Clash was weird but delightful.  Made me an ACE Team fan even though their name isn’t the most creative.  They have a new game out, Abyss Odyssey.  Now, that’s a good name.  But the trailer doesn’t wow me. It’s a side-scrolling, 2D fighting game.  Similar to Fightback, but better.  The levels are procedural, which… Read More »