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Fallout Shelter Review (F2P on Mobile) — Nuclear Holocaust is FUN!

1) Game Experience: Very High 2) Game Value: Very High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: F2P of the Year! I used to have a fallout fantasy. A nuclear holocaust, an underground bunker, and nothing to do but kill time. There’d be a fully-equipped video game room. A movie theater. A soda fountain that never stops fizzling. It… Read More »

Immortal Odyssey Review — Year of the Goat, baahhh your way to a different game

1) Game Experience: Low 2) Game Value: Medium 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Year of the Goat, baahhh your way to a different game. I dig old Chinese historical and mythical literature. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Monkey King, and all the stuff with guys swinging big sticks and ladies with supernatural oomph. So a game like… Read More »

Stormfall: Rise of Balur Review — Stormfall wasn’t built in a day….

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: High Quiche’s Recommendation: Stormfall won’t be restored in a day – play but don’t pay Here are my Review Guidelines. Plarium’s Facebook game, Stormfall: Age of War, made money. Lots of money. So what happens when a company makes money? It tries to make more money. Spin-offs are good way… Read More »

Battlecry Teaser Trailer – Blood Will Stream

The start of the 20th century was a brutal time. They had technology that outpaced strategy and politics and so people died by the millions. That’s when Battlecry takes place. Except gunpowder’s banned and so are wars because of treaties after an Armageddon-esque war. Instead, each nation sends their best fighters to fight in a… Read More »