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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Fresh Blood or Old Jerky?

The Walking Dead fans of any medium fully understand the underlying theme: the living are as messed up as the un-living.  Actually, they’re more messed up. We have a new Telltale TWD and once again, we ask ourselves, “Can the living be trusted”? The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will be out on February 28th… Read More »

Life is Strange Reveal Trailer — Will your actions in Episode One change your life in Episode Five?

Life is Strange is like a choose-your-own-adventure book except it’s a video game. Remember those? You make one decision, see how it goes, and then go back several pages and make a different decision and see where that goes? That’s this game. The Reveal Trailer shows a teen named Max in a high school world… Read More »

Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Smoke and Mirrors Trailer – Worth the Wait?

When I’m watching a hot new show, it’s torture waiting a week between episodes.  I can’t imagine waiting four months.  That’s about how long fans of TellTale’s Wolf Among Us will have waited for Episode #2, “Smoke and Mirrors”.  The trailer’s out and it still has no date, just “Coming Soon”.  That’s managing expectations, I… Read More »

Telltale Game of Thrones Video Game – Episodic Catch-22?

After three HBO seasons and five epic novels (with two forthcoming), there will finally be a video game that will try and capture the unpredictable, back-stabbing, character-driven craziness of Westeros.  Telltale Games’ announcement trailer doesn’t say much other than one exists and it’ll be out in 2014.  According to the YouTube blurb, there will be… Read More »