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Video Game Consoles are Terminally Ill – so let’s put them out of their misery

Disruption is as common in Silicon Valley as screenplays are in L.A.  You can’t walk into a coffee house without hearing how some new thing will change the landscape of some old thing.  In downtown Mountain View, there are hideously ugly bikes waiting to be rented with your credit card because apparently walking and driving… Read More »

Ouya limited edition 16GB console — it’s white and…is that the line for Xbox One?

Last year’s Kickstarter darling, Ouya, is taking a stab at Black Friday with its limited 16GB console available now for preorder at $129.  It’s normally $100, 8GB, and black.  The limited edition console is white.  The question is, “Who cares?” How many people know what Ouya is anyway? Okay, we’ll start with the 63 thousand… Read More »