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Star Wars: Assault Team Review – this is not the free-to-play you’re looking for

Popular movie plus mobile game plus freemium usually equals bad news.  Star Wars: Assault Team is not all bad, but it’s definitely not worthy of long-term residence on your device.  It’s a collectable card game featuring characters from the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes 4-6).  That means, Han, Leia, Luke, Chewy, R2, and everyone’s favorite… Read More »

Heroes of Dragon Age Review – “Suicide Drink” for your tablet

Everything good has an identity.   It knows what it is and sticks with it.  Give me Italian or Japanese straight-up.  I don’t need Italian-Japanese fusion garbage.  If you’re Michael Jordan, you hit jumpers, not curveballs.  I’ll watch a drama or comedy, but not dramedy. As a kid, I made a “suicide” drink at McDonald’s.  Coke,… Read More »