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Terminator Genisys: Revolution Announcement Trailer – The Age of Freemium-ators

I love Glu. They put out quality freemiums, as much quality as freemiums can get. Two of my most favorite freemiums, Deer Hunter and Frontline Commando, are Glu’s. They don’t shy from in-app purchases and intrusive ads. That’s confidence. That’s moxie. That’s how it is and that’s how it’ll be, that’s their motto. Actually, their… Read More »

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Gameplay Trailer — Violence is King

Chess is a violent, violent game. Don’t let those small innocent plastic or wooden pieces fool you. Each pawn that is sacrificed or gambited away represents thousands and thousands of men slaughtered in the defense of the king. It’s a cruel world. Especially the way I play chess, no one is spared. It’s a game… Read More »

Immortal Odyssey Review — Year of the Goat, baahhh your way to a different game

1) Game Experience: Low 2) Game Value: Medium 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Year of the Goat, baahhh your way to a different game. I dig old Chinese historical and mythical literature. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Monkey King, and all the stuff with guys swinging big sticks and ladies with supernatural oomph. So a game like… Read More »

WWE Immortals Review — Swipe your finger, not your credit card.

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: Medium Quiche’s Recommendation: Swipe your finger, not your credit card, to get The Rock Review Guidelines are here. WWE Immortals has The Rock. And Triple H. And The Undertaker. That’s all you need to know. But here’s more if you want to know more: The Android/iOS F2P is a 3v3… Read More »

Stormfall: Rise of Balur Review — Stormfall wasn’t built in a day….

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: High Quiche’s Recommendation: Stormfall won’t be restored in a day – play but don’t pay Here are my Review Guidelines. Plarium’s Facebook game, Stormfall: Age of War, made money. Lots of money. So what happens when a company makes money? It tries to make more money. Spin-offs are good way… Read More »

Godzilla: Strike Zone Gameplay Trailer – It’s scarier to hear him than see him

Best part about a horror flick is what you don’t see.  Imagination is stronger than any VFX or make-up or editing technique.  This goes for monster films, too, like everyone’s favorite, Godzilla.  But it’s difficult not to see Godzilla, of course.  He’s huge and aggressive and breathes blue flame that turns night to day.  Nope,… Read More »

Dungeon Keeper Review – Amassing gold is the point, in-game and out

Electronic Arts’s mobile game, Dungeon Keeper, has been criticized…well, its been beaten up and dragged behind a horse…since its release late last year.  It’s not a great game – not in-line with the franchise – and the FTP is impossible to play for more than a minute or so without paying cash.  I’ve had the… Read More »