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AdVentures Capitalist — 2 things that would make this game awesome

AdVentures Capitalist is all about passive income. You buy businesses, hire managers, go away, come back and you’re rich! Okay, not quite, but I’m sure that’s what Kongregate was hoping for when they made F2P. Develop, publish and then swim in the cash generated from in-app purchases. AdVentures Capitalist has been out for a year… Read More »

Dog Hotel Mobile Free-to-Play Review — Man’s Best Friend just got Friendlier

1) Game Experience: High 2) Game Value: High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: You don’t need to pay to have a best friend. My review guidelines. You’ve got several acres of prime ocean-front real estate, what do you do? That’s right, start a Dog Hotel! Dog Hotel is the new mobile free-to-play that’s all the canine craze!… Read More »

Kim Jong-un’s Favorite Retro Video Games

Kim Jong-un loves retro.  He has the cold-war Mao suit, loves feudalistic dynasties and the ‘90s Chicago Bulls, has a side-scroller to his name, and recently took a photo-op with some super-retro submarines. These submarines, the vanguard of his navy, have been in museums for decades in the rest of the world.  That’s loving retro. … Read More »

WildStar DevSpeak: Adventures – The Coffee Must Flow

Replayability is the main sell in Carbine Studios’s Wildstar DevSpeak. A new mode, “Adventures”, lets players make new of already-visited places. The three-minute video shows five-player simulations in various games including MOBA-like action, tower defenses, and my favorite, caravan escort. There’s nothing more important than keeping supply lines open so that rich merchants get richer,… Read More »