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The Wild Eight Gameplay Overview — Work with your friends, don’t eat them

Living in the cold is hard.  Seriously, you can die.  If the cold doesn’t get you, starvation will.  So, stay warm and eat! Yes, it’s Captain Obvious, but that’s the objective of The Wild Eight, an upcoming survival game from HypeTrain Digital. Add it to your wishlist on Steam. There’s a plane crash and eight… Read More »

The Last Guardian Action Gameplay Trailer — A game about our childhood….

Some games are works of art.  That is, imagination and creativity and execution elicits emotion.  Case in point, look at The Last Guardian’s Action Gameplay Trailer. Yes, it’s just a trailer – the game’s not out until December 2016 – but it’s more than that. Watch it with sound, and then without. The emotion is…childhood.… Read More »

Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer — This is what makes Watch Dogs 2 a great game…

Why is Watch Dogs 2 awesome?  Sure, there are the gadgets and the geek-fest techies.  You get to lights-out San Francisco and out-nerd all the nerds.  It’s got solid drone action and slick melee battles involving a morning star.  But all pale in comparison to the real star of the game…. The Chevy El Camino.… Read More »

Mass Effect: Andromeda Cinematic Reveal Trailer — What we learn from the trailer

Another N7 Day, another Mass Effect trailer.  A year ago on November 7th, they gave us the N7 Day trailer.  This year, it’s the Cinematic Reveal Trailer.  And boy, it is cinematic…. If you don’t know what N7 Day is, then you probably have no idea about Mass Effect: Andromeda.  Good for you, the awesome… Read More »

Routine Release Date Trailer — The Party’s On the Moon!

Something’s rotten on the big cheese.  What am I talking about?  The moon, of course.  And there’s something rotten on it.  Don’t believe me? Check out the Release Date Trailer for Routine, a new survival exploration from indie UK developer, Lunar Software. The first 10 seconds of the trailer is all we need.  Place is… Read More »

Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer — Buddy-bonding at its best!

It’s good to have a buddy, especially if that buddy is a Titan. Titanfall 2’s official launch trailer is a 100-second buddy montage.  It’s up there with the greatest of buddy montages like the Weed Dream from Harold and Kumar. In the trailer, aspiring pilot, Jack Cooper, and a titan, BT-7274, get down and dirty… Read More »

The Walking Dead: March to War — Are you a Survivor?

I eat up The Walking Dead like a walker eats up…well, you know.  I dig it all, from TV, comics, to games of all genres including F2Ps. So really excited about the upcoming mobile F2P, The Walking Dead: March to War from Disruptor Beam.  It’s due out in 2017 and the concept art alone screams… Read More »

Hello Neighbor Announcement Trailer — Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s…secrets

We’re all curious about our neighbors.  Everyone.  From what they eat to all the brokenness in their lives, we want to know.  I don’t know how many nights I sat in the dark, binoculars ready, waiting for some Rear Window action from the Hargrove couple across the street.  Or my ear on wall in my… Read More »

The Bunker Launch Trailer — Live Action Games: we can, but should we?

Live Action video games will take over some day.  Is that “some day” here?  Nope.  Not until it’s more than just point-and-click. The Bunker, which bills itself as “A 100% Live Action Psychological Horror”, is launching to PC and PS4 on September 20 and on Xbox 3 days later.  It’s intriguing that the game is… Read More »