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Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: Should I use the Auction?

To use or not to use the Auction?  That’s an FAQ for both noobs and non-noobs alike in Madden Mobile 17. The simple answer is…it depends on what you’re trying to do and when. If your only objective is to achieve the highest-rated team as fast as possible, then yeah, hit the auction.  If you’re… Read More »

God Caster on Gamekicker — Ain’t no atheists at the…card table

You don’t have to be religious to solicit the help of gods…and mythical creatures.  You’ll need them to succeed in God Caster. Developer Maxmuses Studio’s new trading card game is currently on the crowd-funding platform, Gamekicker, and it looks like a good one. It has all the features we love in card games: strategy, upgrading,… Read More »

Video Game Trailers — How to make Video Game Trailers that don’t suck

I watch a ton of video game trailers and there’s nothing more annoying than an annoying video game trailer. Remember, folks, promo videos are supposed to promote the game, not turn people off.  To ensure your video game video doesn’t suck, remember one thing: be SUNNY! Short – keep it as short as possible. Swing… Read More »

Madden Mobile — Is Force Closing cheating?

I’m sure many of us Madden Mobile veterans are tired of the force closing issue but it seems to keep coming back, and like an old piece of gum, can’t spit it out even though it’s lost all flavor. I just left a league because of force closing. I liked the league. We were top… Read More »

N64 Goldeneye — Thank you for 20 years of memories!

Most of the recent 007 flick, “Spectre”, is not bad.  The last 30 minutes, though, is the worst James Bond I’ve seen.  It got me nostalgic for old school Bond.  And Judi Dench.  And of course, N64’s Goldeneye.  It was released in 1996, which means a golden 20 years since I spent time playing when… Read More »

That Dragon, Cancer — The Game that Needs to be Played

Why would anyone play, “That Dragon, Cancer”? The game is about the developer, Ryan Green’s son, Joel, who died in 2014 at the age of 5 after battling cancer for four years. We experience what they went through. Green said the game gives players “the opportunity to meet my son and meet our family, and… Read More »

Allexiur on Kickstarter — What exactly is TechNoir?

Technoir just sounds cool. That genre alone might be reason enough to fund Allexiur, a fetus from noob developer, Black Ark Games. It’s currently on Kickstarter at $244 of $7,551 with 24 days to go. Allexiur is described as a “tehcnoir (sic) mystery adventure game”. What exactly makes technoir technoir? I know anything noir-ish with… Read More »