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Postknight Review — Another Mobile F2P RPG to forget

Game Experience: Very Low Game Value: Low Total Score: 16/100 Quiche’s Recommendation: Invest time on other RPG F2Ps instead, like Fire Emblem. F2P RPGs are like Trump’s Executive Orders.  They keep coming and most of them shouldn’t be. Take Kurechii’s Postknight (iOS) for example. It’s and RPG…I guess.  You name the character and s/he levels… Read More »

Fire Emblem Heroes Review — Squishy Characters Good, Daily Downloads Bad

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: Medium Total Score: 67 out of 100 Quiche’s Recommendation: Figure out the download issue and this will be 100 out of 100. The Fire Emblem mobile spin-off is a good addictive game…once you get past the ritual of daily downloads. Intelligent Systems and Nintendo teamed up for this highly engaging… Read More »

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — Here’s what’s wrong with Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a highly entertaining, fan-serving, and re-watchable addition to the Star Wars canon.  But it’s got some problems. Mainly, it needed to either scale-down or scale-up, but it’s stuck in Sarlacc’s throat, half-digested, left messy and smelly. Here’s what I mean (Spoilers Ahead): 1) Too Much Fan Service We… Read More »

Fishing Break Review — The best fishing F2P ever made?

Game Experience: High Game Value: High Total Score: 100% Quiche’s Recommendation: Free fishing?  What are you waiting for?  Download now!   Nothing beats fishing, even if it’s on your phone. Relax, cast, reel in a whopper. Roofdog Games’s Fishing Break is the best new F2P this year. It’s got everything a solid F2P should have:… Read More »

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Review — The Force is with you…and your mobile device…always

Game Experience: High Game Value: High Total Score: 6 out of 6 Quiche’s Recommendation: This IS the F2P you’re looking for…. As F2Ps go, doesn’t get much better than Madden Mobile. But another mobiler from EA, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, comes pretty close. Galaxy of Heroes (GoH) is essentially a card game. Collect your… Read More »

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Review — Use your brain, don’t serve it for dinner

1) Game Experience: Medium 2) Game Value: High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: Solid zombie-bashing good time Tie-in F2Ps usually guarantee two things: ads and terrible gameplay. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land has ads, but it doesn’t suck. It’s actually an enjoyable F2P to kill a few minutes each day. One of the first things that… Read More »

Kill Me Again Infectors Review — NEVER walk backwards in a Zombie-infested world!

Game Experience: Low Game Value: Low Quiche’s Recommendation: Wanna whack zombies? Play Walking Dead Road to Survival instead. How many more zombie-whackers do we need? Never enough, I guess. Here’s another mobile F2P zap-a-zombie. Kill Me Again Infectors is a jewel puzzle game but instead of jewels, you have bullets. Pretty colorful bullets. Match 3… Read More »

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Review — Fun zombie-hunting, but zombies are not real zombies

1) Game Experience: Medium 2) Game Value: High 3) Quiche’s Recommendation: A shotgun is more effective against a zombie than a cue stick. All I know about The Walking Dead comics is that Rick loses his hand. He gets jacked up by the Governor more than he does in the TV series. That alone tells… Read More »

The Path to Luma Review — Fighting pollution is fun…until it isn’t

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: Medium Quiche’s Recommendation: Give it a go! In The Path to Luma, your mission is to clean. You bounce from planet to planet, reviving each polluted and dying world into a renewable green one. It’s a refreshing premise considering many games these days are about destroying and killing. Of course,… Read More »