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Valiant on Kickstarter — Virtual Reality, Virtual Brutality?

Technology will take us to the past…to experience all the wonderful brutality of human history. Medieval warfare, for example, was especially cruel. Take the Battle of Visby, for instance. Knights hacking away peasants. Fun times! It won’t be long before we see all that chivalry in action first hand. For now, we have Valiant. Valiant… Read More »

Allexiur on Kickstarter — What exactly is TechNoir?

Technoir just sounds cool. That genre alone might be reason enough to fund Allexiur, a fetus from noob developer, Black Ark Games. It’s currently on Kickstarter at $244 of $7,551 with 24 days to go. Allexiur is described as a “tehcnoir (sic) mystery adventure game”. What exactly makes technoir technoir? I know anything noir-ish with… Read More »

Song of Horror on Kickstarter — Death is Frustrating!

One of the developers of Song of Horror actually says, the game is to be difficult, if not frustrating. Yeah, I would say death is frustrating. It’s a huge obstacle to everything you’re trying to do in life. Permanent death is one of the game’s main selling points, along with 16 playable character and a… Read More »

Friday the 13th Video Game on Kickstarter — Don’t mess with Jason’s Mom

Asymmetrical multiplayer intrigues me! Especially horror games. You have one monster or killer, and then there are many victims trying to survive. We saw asymmetrical action in Evolve, but that was a “hunting” romp. Now, we have a true asymmetrical horror featuring our favorite hockey-mask donning psycho killer, Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th: The Game… Read More »

The Monolith: An Interactive Experience on Kickstarter — What is that Big Black Thing?

The Monolith is that big black thing from that trippy movie from long time ago about the future. Many of us who saw “2001: A Space Odyssey” may not remember much about the film itself, but we remember the red talking dot and of course, the big black thing. No one really remembers the story.… Read More »

Overfall on Kickstarter — Where no procedurally-generated RPG has gone before?

Exploration is in our blood. We want to see what’s “over there” with the hopes that what’s there is better than what’s here. A new land, a new planet, or perhaps simply a new restaurant on the other side of town, we want to discover new things. That’s why we love exploration games. And why… Read More »

The Bard’s Tale IV on Kickstarter In-Engine Video

I need a good dungeon-crawler. Huge open world games are nice and there’s plenty of ‘em these days. But sometimes all I need is a creepy little dungeon to raid, hack, loot and get out with a pocket full of gold. The Bard’s Tale was one of those awesome dungeon crawlers. It goes back 30… Read More »

Bandolier on Kickstarter – The Good, the Bad, and the very very Raw

Some games on Kickstarter require more kick-starting than others. Bandolier looks like it will need a HUGE kick, and maybe some high-voltage, Frankenstein shock treatment to bring it to life. It’s raw. Cut-outs moving around. But what I love about Bandolier is the idea. It’s a spaghetti Western. Yes, those Clint Eastwood flicks where all… Read More »

Hush Action-Adventure Video Game on Kickstarter — Who says little girls can’t be super-heroes?

Little girls don’t cry. They fight! Ashlyn is a tough little toddler. She’s a swing-gogo-first, take-names-later kinda girl. She’s also the star of the new action-adventure, Hush, from Game Studio 78 (what happened to the other 77?). Hush is on Kickstarter and it’s got some work to do: currently 282 pounds of 99,000 goal with… Read More »