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Legrand Legacy Tale of the Fatebounds — Good Old RPG New Again

New Gen technology doesn’t always mean better games.  It’s like movies.  Newer ones will have better FX, but good movies will always be good, no matter how old.  I’m talking Casablanca or Star Wars: A New Hope. In gaming, the classics are fun regardless of the advancements in technology.  Super Mario 64, Heroes of Might… Read More »

RULE on Kickstarter — War in Silicon Valley?

I’m constantly thinking about war.  At the grocery store, at the office, the ball game…what if war broke out here and now?  Where would I take cover?  What am I wearing?  Where would I get guns? War is highly unlikely in my Silicon Valley neighborhood.  (Except the tech variety between Apple and Samsung and Google… Read More »

The Station on Kickstarter — Did the Aliens deport us?

We’ve been reaching out to aliens since the mid-20th century.  And if anyone out there had the capability to pick up those radio signals from the 1930s+, then they probably would have the technology to find us where we live.  Unless, of course, they’re busy fighting a civil war. In The Station, we find the… Read More »

Steam Hammer on Kickstarter — Steampunk never looked so good

Waiting for a “Hardcore Sandbox RPG Set in a Dark and Mysterious Steampunk World”?  Wait no longer, Steam Hammer is here. Okay, you’ll have to wait just a tad longer, but looks like it will be worth the wait. Steam Hammer is currently raising funds and looks like it’ll get funded easily. Back it now… Read More »

The Konvertible on Kickstarter — Portable Work Space Extension

We live in a remote, on-the-move world.  Can’t be tied down by hardware limitations.  Need portable, added space for work, for play, for everything in-between? The Konvertible is what you need. Check out their Kickstarter page and fund it now! Here’s more info: Other options on the market such as secondary monitor stands, attachments and… Read More »

The Withering on Kickstarter — End of the World, show me what you got!

Deep down, all of us want the zombie apocalypse.  In the monotony of order and routine of our pitifully boring lives, we long for a little bit of chaos.  We want to blow up undead noggins with a shotgun.  We want to build zombie-proof fortresses with shopping carts and file cabinets.  We want to reshuffle… Read More »

The Wolfe — Be Free!

It’s 2016 and I still see dudes lugging around their desktop.  Why?  They need the power of their desktop in a laptop situation. Gamers, video editors, motion artists, etc, are all imprisoned to their powerful yet immobile work-stations.  They are imprisoned, ball and chain.  Will anyone free them? The Wolfe is here to set you… Read More »

System Shock on Kickstarter — This is how you make a Kickstarter Video

System Shock (1994) was heck of a game and it’s great to see the remake-attempt fully-funded on Kickstarter.  Read all about the bigger, better re-imaging on Kickstarter. The original first person action RPG had some innovative components.  3D environment that required the player to think as well as slash.  And the story was intriguing –… Read More »

Need to Know on Kickstarter — Spying has never been so “sexy”

Spies are sexy. They wear tuxes, use cool gadgets, drive fast cars. They drink hard liquor with hot women at exotic places. They don’t sit behind a computer all day reading emails and text messages. Or do they…? The game is Need to Know. And you are a spy, version 2016. You work behind a… Read More »