Prey Hardware Labs Trailer — Yu got some Swag!

By | April 5, 2017

Last year’s gameplay trailer for Prey didn’t wow me, but the Hardware/Weapons video is a different story.

Bethesda’s FPS/RPG (about a space station gone alien-hostile) has some gnarly goods.

First up gnarly is a grenadish thing called a Recycler Charge.

It’s like a mini-black hole.  Throw it, sucks stuff in.  Who doesn’t want a mini-black hole in their pocket?

Next up in an Engineering Operator, which is…I’m not sure what it is.  But it’s mean and trying to kill you.  Our Hero Morgan Yu shoots it with a shotgun but it doesn’t go down – it gets up and starts spewing fire on Yu!

Then we have the Gloo Cannon.  It shoots clumpy foam, which crumbles after a second.  Yucky but deadly.

Final gnarly is the Typhoon Lure.  It attracts dark aliens like fly to bass.  They’re distracted.  Shoot ‘em!

So, some cool toys to play with.  Not the usual blasters.

But again, the most intriguing aspect of the game is not the stuff, but the character’s ability to take on alien abilities.  How will that play?  What strategies will change each time you play?

prey video game

Watch out for…black shadowy thing!

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