Legrand Legacy Tale of the Fatebounds — Good Old RPG New Again

By | February 14, 2017

New Gen technology doesn’t always mean better games.  It’s like movies.  Newer ones will have better FX, but good movies will always be good, no matter how old.  I’m talking Casablanca or Star Wars: A New Hope.

In gaming, the classics are fun regardless of the advancements in technology.  Super Mario 64, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Final Fantasy VIII, et al.  Those are still great games.

So it’s good to hear about Legrand Legacy.  It’s not an old game – in fact, it recently got funded on Kickstarter.  But it has those classic elements, which I love.

It’s a JRPG, like Final Fantasy, and it has similar gameplay.  There’s a world to explore and zooms into turn-based combat.  It doesn’t have a huge open world environment with wild grass blowing in the wind, or any of the other new gen eye candy.  But the game still has high-entertain potential.

Check out the 3-minute gameplay video.  Nothing flashy.  No new combat systems.  It’s just an RPG…and it’s fun!

Here are some additional features (from its Kickstarter page):

  • A fully immersive experience with stunning 3D cinematic cutscenes, epic original soundtrack, and a rich storyline
  • 3D models and original assets come together with gorgeously stylized hand-drawn 2D backgrounds
  • Action packed turn-based combat and tactical warfare scenarios that will test not only your skill but also your wits and keep you on your toes
  • Recruit NPCs to rebuild your Castle, play mini games, and go on rewarding side quests
  • Coming to PC DRM-free and via Steam once funded (we have already been Greenlit by the community!)

Now that the game is funded, we’ll see it made, which means we’re just a few months away from good-old RPG all-new again…if that makes sense.

legrand legacy video game

Here’s more from their recent press release:

February 14 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia – With just three days to go SEMISOFT‘s Kickstarter, for classically inspired tactical JRPG Legrand Legacy, has reached its £40,000 target and now looks to achieve stretch-goals.

“We’re proud of the community that we’ve built during both Kickstarter campaigns for Legrand Legacy. Not only did they show us full support for rebooting the campaign, they’ve returned enforce and have pushed us over the funding line! We now hope achieve some of the stretch goals, that we’ve revealed and look forward to delivering Legrand Legacy to our eager fans. The team and I are now even more motivated, thanks to the funding, press and public reception to our game, to live up to the expectations of true JRPG fans everywhere” said William “Uwil” Winata, lead game designer at SEMISOFT.

Among the first stretch-goals revealed are content unlocks, that expand the game’s universe and experience to players.

The game, being developed by SEMISOFT, Legrand Legacy is a tactical turn-based JRPG that takes you on a journey through a chaotic world that’s torn apart by civil war and threatened by an otherworldly invasion. You play as Finn, the reluctant leader of a band of unlikely heroes, who soon discovers that the true peril to their universe lies within themselves. The game combines beautiful hand drawn backgrounds with highly detailed character models and environmental effects, to deeply immerse players in the world of Legrand.


SEMISOFT is a game development company built by gamers for gamers. Our vision is to craft original ideas into mainstream pop culture. Our mission is to develop quality games that entertain, educate, and enrich players worldwide.

YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyx2awEfqjofEDurH-WaAxw

legrand legacy video game

legrand legacy video game

legrand legacy video game

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