Candleman on Xbox One — To shine, you die

By | February 2, 2017

It ain’t easy being a candle.

To keep the fire going, you have to die a little until there’s nothing of you left.  No fire, then cold and darkness.  Lose, lose.

But not if you’re Candleman, the title character of the new Xbox platformer from indie Chinese developer Spotlighter.

candleman video game

The rules of Candleman are intriguing.  Your light burns for 10 seconds before you die.  You need light to see things you wouldn’t see in the dark, like passageways.  It’s also a way to defend yourself from ghosts.

As you melt yourself, and become smaller, you become more agile and your jump power increases.  And remember, this is a platform game, so jumping is key.

candleman video game

So how and when do you burn that little light of yours?  That’s the strategy and doing it right is key to ensuring your little guy wins.

And what is victory?

What does every candle want?

To be a big bright lighthouse, of course.

candleman video game

Help our favorite stick of wax achieve his dream.  Game’s out now on Xbox One.


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