The Videokid — Skating, butt-huggers, mousse…do I really wanna go back to the ’80s? Oh, yes I do!

By | January 31, 2017

If you really need more ’80s nostalgia, here’s The Videokid.  Yes, the The proves it’s The Videokid and not some imitation.  Pixel Trip Studios’s retro-ish romp through radical-ville is a scrolling skating game for points and big-bang glory.  Need I say more?

Okay, Pixel Trip Studios is British, but people drive on the right side of the road in The Videokid.  Need more?


Okay, here it is:

Is Paperboy back? Heck no, this is The Videokid, a bodacious new retro skategame from Pixel Trip Studios.

Test your skills to the max with this gnarly & challenging arcade style skate game set in a retro 1980s neighbourhood filled with bogus dangers… 

Players can skate, hitch and grind their way through hazardous streets; dodging 80s bikes, cars, trucks, trains & more. The Videokid is jam-packed with 80s nostalgia filled with classic moments from everyone’s favourite movies, TV shows and cartoons. The further players get, the more epic the references become! 

The goal is simple: avoid being busted by the cops, pull off sick tricks and complete crazy combos to earn bonuses; all whilst trying to stay alive just long enough to deliver the pirate video round and get the girl in time! From retro style sound effects, to the radical 8bit inspired soundtrack (written by DJ Savant) the Videokid pays pure homage to classic arcade games of the golden era.
Also, in tribute to the arcades, the first 25 players to beat the game will join the elite and have their high scores proudly displayed on the online leaderboard at

Platform: Steam (PC only)

Price £2.99

Genre: Action/arcade


– Take on ‘The Videokid challenge’ & be amongst the top 25 hall of fame
– Unlock and play as favourite 80s inspired characters
– Wreak havoc on the wrong side of the law for maximum score
– Pull off sick skate tricks & crazy combos
– Laugh at endless ways to bail, slam and fail
– Earn cash to spend on radical upgrades & powerups in the skateshop
– Experience the nail-biting tension… the longer you live the harder it gets
– See how many classic 80s characters & vehicles you can spot
– Relive your nostalgic childhood where all things were awesome

About the developer – Pixel Trip Studios

Founded in 2013, The London based outfit, Pixel Trip Studios, create and produce retro style indie games with a modern twist! Their goal is to go back to the golden era of gaming where playability, great graphics and fun were king 🙂

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