The Town of Light Accolades Trailer: Praise = PlayStation 4 Release

By | January 18, 2017

The Town of Light is coming to Playstation 4.  Not bad for a game that failed its Indiegogo campaign.

It’s been a year since the psycho-thriller’s release on Steam, and since then, it has garnered accolades from everywhere.  Don’t believe me?  PlayStation published an accolades trailer to remove all doubt.

Why should you play this game?

town of light video game

The game is the definition of a psychological thriller.  16-year-old Renee has symptoms of mental illness.  Is she really ill?  That and other questions are the drivers that take us on ride that is very frequently uncomfortable.

The game, and the trailer, gives us an explanation, a disclaimer, at the beginning.  Informs us they take the issue of mental illness seriously and much sensitivity went into making the game.  Don’t sue us or accuse of being a-holes, basically.

town of light video game

But it is a game.  There are mysteries and places to explore, both real and “imaginary”.  And there is cruelty.  Cruelty beyond sanity.  Yes, the obvious irony is that those caring for the “sick” are the ones who are really messed up.

Beyond the clichés, though, is a real deep message.  One that resonates now.  In the presence of “The Other”, we need to examine our own messed up behaviors.

town of light video game

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