Mass Effect Andromeda — The Tempest and Nomad: See the Sights, and then Exploit!

By | January 14, 2017

We’re two months from Mass Effect Andromeda’s release, and the Tempest and Nomad Briefing Trailer gives us a glimpse of the ride.

And it’s a RIDE.

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The Tempest is fast and stealthy.  You won’t get much firepower on this sleek pretty thing, but the objective isn’t to blast our way into planetary exploitation.  Move fast – 13 light years per day – and hide and find and then deploy remote miners to take and run.  Ultimately, taking without asking is at the heart here.  Exploit what you can for your survival.  And now, with the Tempest, you can do it in style.

The pilot also tells us we can hide if we can’t outrun.  Foreshadowing of some of the madness we’ll encounter in the game.

mass effect andromeda video game

The Tempest

The 3-minute video, narrated by the Tempest’s pilot, provides a tour of your new home come March 21 when the game’s released.  Nothing too exciting – bridge, galley, meeting rooms, med-bay, etc. – but what stands out is the comfort and size of this “scout” ship.  It’s more than just a scout ship.  It’s a deep-space exploration ship with all its comforts.

And the nomad is basically a 6-wheeled ATV that you can customize it by painting it different.  And again the pilot foreshadows — tells us about boosters that will help us get out of dicey spots.  Yep, if you’re exploiting someone else’s planet, better be able to run.

Well, the video doesn’t WOW, but it doesn’t have to.  The Tempest is stealthy, the game’s release isn’t.

It’s out March 21 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

mass effect andromeda video game

The Nomad

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