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The Town of Light Accolades Trailer: Praise = PlayStation 4 Release

The Town of Light is coming to Playstation 4.  Not bad for a game that failed its Indiegogo campaign.

It’s been a year since the psycho-thriller’s release on Steam, and since then, it has garnered accolades from everywhere.  Don’t believe me?  PlayStation published an accolades trailer to remove all doubt.

Why should you play this game?

town of light video game

The game is the definition of a psychological thriller.  16-year-old Renee has symptoms of mental illness.  Is she really ill?  That and other questions are the drivers that take us on ride that is very frequently uncomfortable.

The game, and the trailer, gives us an explanation, a disclaimer, at the beginning.  Informs us they take the issue of mental illness seriously and much sensitivity went into making the game.  Don’t sue us or accuse of being a-holes, basically.

town of light video game

But it is a game.  There are mysteries and places to explore, both real and “imaginary”.  And there is cruelty.  Cruelty beyond sanity.  Yes, the obvious irony is that those caring for the “sick” are the ones who are really messed up.

Beyond the clichés, though, is a real deep message.  One that resonates now.  In the presence of “The Other”, we need to examine our own messed up behaviors.

town of light video game

Injustice 2: The Lines Are Redrawn Story Trailer — Which Superheroes will Rumble?

A world where Superheroes can’t get along is a world that will suck for non-superheroes.  That’s the profound subtext of the story trailer for Injustice 2.

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The trailer, which is annoyingly narrated – its thin script drawn out in short phrases over two minutes, gives us everything we need to know about the story.  Lois is dead.  She was pregnant.  Superman is irate.  Batman’s mad that Superman’s mad.  He condones crime and chaos.  This is the non-canon Superman vs Batman, with a rehashed storyline from Captain America Civil War.

But who really cares about story in a fighting game?  We just want to know who’s gonna show up.

In addition to Batman and Superman, the trailer gives us Poison Ivy, Robin, Brainiac, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Darkseid.  We’ll know the full lineup on February 7th.  Aquaman, Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Blue Beetle, The Flash and Deadshot are also shoe-ins.  There are about 20 others that are yet to be revealed.

Whoever the remaining heroes are, when they rumble, we will crumble.

Game’s out May 16.

Injustice 2 video game

Mass Effect Andromeda — The Tempest and Nomad: See the Sights, and then Exploit!

We’re two months from Mass Effect Andromeda’s release, and the Tempest and Nomad Briefing Trailer gives us a glimpse of the ride.

And it’s a RIDE.

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The Tempest is fast and stealthy.  You won’t get much firepower on this sleek pretty thing, but the objective isn’t to blast our way into planetary exploitation.  Move fast – 13 light years per day – and hide and find and then deploy remote miners to take and run.  Ultimately, taking without asking is at the heart here.  Exploit what you can for your survival.  And now, with the Tempest, you can do it in style.

The pilot also tells us we can hide if we can’t outrun.  Foreshadowing of some of the madness we’ll encounter in the game.

mass effect andromeda video game

The Tempest

The 3-minute video, narrated by the Tempest’s pilot, provides a tour of your new home come March 21 when the game’s released.  Nothing too exciting – bridge, galley, meeting rooms, med-bay, etc. – but what stands out is the comfort and size of this “scout” ship.  It’s more than just a scout ship.  It’s a deep-space exploration ship with all its comforts.

And the nomad is basically a 6-wheeled ATV that you can customize it by painting it different.  And again the pilot foreshadows — tells us about boosters that will help us get out of dicey spots.  Yep, if you’re exploiting someone else’s planet, better be able to run.

Well, the video doesn’t WOW, but it doesn’t have to.  The Tempest is stealthy, the game’s release isn’t.

It’s out March 21 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

mass effect andromeda video game

The Nomad

Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Video — Operation Skydive Extraction

Ghost Recon was my go-to game back in the day.  I’m talking about the first Ghost Recon on the original Xbox.  Six guys, two teams and 49 bad guys.  Yup, 49.  You can count them (and their bodies).  No spawning endlessly like Ghost Recon 2.  That was the Ghost Recon that shouldn’t have changed.

ghost recon video game

Old school was good school

But they changed.

Just to change.

To make it more arcade.  Make it more Rainbow Six.


There’s a new Ghost Recon coming out.  Unfortunately, Ghost Recon Wildlands seems to be more like the lame sequels than the originally awesome original.  But the gameplay trailer gives me hope.

Less linear gameplay.  Different ways to approach and accomplish an objective.

Sniper, sneak, drop in from the sky.

At about :43, looks like some hostage-taking extraction, too. That takes skill.

First Ghost Recon wasn’t perfect.  Dumb AI soldiers that jumped in front of your bullets, for example.  But it was a good solid game that had you thinking tactically.  And then it just became another linear arcade game.

Anyway, Ghost Recon lives and Wildlands shows some promise.  It’s out 7-3-17.

ghost recon wildlands video game

ghost recon wildlands video game

ghost recon wildlands video game

Star Wars Episode VIII — Who is Rey?

Now that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s canonization is complete, we look ahead to Star Wars Episode VIII.  The annual Star Wars release once again premieres in December, which should be renamed the Month of Dathomir, since other December movies will require a Mother Talzin resuscitation.

As much as I enjoyed Rogue One, it was not a fully satisfying addition given the breath of the Star Wars storyline.

Here’s What’s Wrong with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

So, I’m hoping Episode VIII is strong in the Force, and resists the cheapest of temptations, especially with one of the biggest mysteries:

Who is Rey?

Who is Rey?

First, here’s who I hope Rey is NOT:

A Skywalker

A common fan theory is that she is Luke’s daughter, making her Kylo Ren’s cousin.  I hope this is not the case.

The Force Awakens was A New Hope all-over-again.  Another Skywalker family reveal will be like Starkiller base: it’s different, but come on, it’s still another Death Star.  Too many guys making way too much money for us to see another Skywalker genealogy story.

It would also require a very awkward backstory-building that wouldn’t even make sense.  Luke is a True Jedi, like his masters Obi-Wan and Yoda.  He is more his mother than his father in disposition, which is why he was able to resist Palpatine.  To say he had a child will require a major character rebuild.

A Solo

Another theory is that she is Han and Leia’s other child, and of course Kylo Ren’s sister.  I would accept this more than a Skywalker story, but it’s limiting.  It’s Rey trying to redeem Ben, in a Galactic sibling intervention.  Again, this is derivative of the son-father conflict we saw in Episode IV-VI.  We need something new.  We need something bigger than another family soap-opera.

A Kenobi

The wildest theory is that she is somehow related to Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Perhaps a grandchild of Obi-Wan and Satine Kryze….

Nope, don’t go there.  Obi-Wan is a Jedi Master who reaches a state that only a few Jedi ever reached.  In other words, the only thing bursting out of his pants was his lightsaber.  To take him out of character for a cheap surprise is sacrilege.

Obi wan Kenobi

Obi Wan didn’t have to pay child support…trust me.

Who I hope Rey is:

A force-sensitive orphan who was chosen to train with Luke.  But before her training had begun, Luke hid her on Jakku since he foresaw the rise of the Knights of Ren and Kylo Ren’s turn to the Dark Side.  He knew that someone had to be protected to one day rise and challenge the new evil, Ren and Snoke.  Luke received help from Leia, and her loyal servant, Lor San Tekka, remained on Jakku to watch over Rey and to one day, provide a means for her to find Luke.

And who is Rey’s family?  The only family she knew as a child – Luke, Leia, San Tekka and the other Jedi younglings and Padawans, including Ben Solo.

So, she is a Skywalker and a Solo, and at the same time, she is not.

Anyway, something like this is what I’d like to see rather than the soap-opera-ish connections where everyone is somehow connected to everyone else.

Who is Rey?