Seasons of Heaven — What the Official Trailer shows us about the game

By | December 20, 2016

Nintendo reminds me of childhood.  Lazy but magical summer afternoons playing Gyromite, Duck Hunt, Kung Fu and of course, Super Mario.  Many years since the first Nintendo Entertainment System and now we are on console #7, the Nintendo Switch.

And one of its first exclusives is a game about…childhood.

The official trailer for Seasons of Heaven sends us to one of those magical summer afternoons.  Grass is green, breeze is soft, and flowers are colorful.  There’s a child and a French bulldog who’s smarter than your average French bulldog.

But all is not well.  It’s a post-apocalyptic world.  There are monsters and other challenges.

seasons of heaven video game

Our protagonist is a special child.  He has Asperger’s syndrome, but he is strong and clever.  And good thing because danger and obstacles surface with each step in this mysterious world.

The trailer gives us a vast open world with high towers and plenty of puzzles to solve.  Many games come to mind, especially from the Nintendo world, but this one seems different.  There’s a quietness.  A peacefulness, even in moments of darkness.

Our hero gets help during his journey.  His dog, of course, but also angels and spirits.  And this world is indeed a spiritual one.  Stone heads, towers both tiny and gigantic, and even an Egyptian god.

Childhood is magical, mysterious and scary.  Seasons of Heaven gives shows we can make it, no matter how difficult our road may be.

Seasons of Heaven, which is based on the book, will be out in 2017.

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