For Honor Trailer: The Shugoki — More than a sumo wrestler with a big stick?

By | December 19, 2016

Next time you see a fine lady at the bar, ask her, “Who would win in a fight: Viking, Samurai or a Knight?”  It’s sure to start an engaging conversation and land you a date.

Yes, one of the more interesting pick-up questions of all time is now a video game.

For Honor pits Samurai, Knight and Viking, and it’s all mano a mano bloody warfare.

The Shugoki trailer showcases one of the samurais.  Actually, he’s more of a sumo wrestler with a huge staff-mace type thing.  Not the grace and speed of the samurai, but more of a European brawler.  Plate-crushing strength.

for honor video game

So far the historical mesh-up seems to be the only competitive advantage here.  It’s a first-person adventure game.  Hack-and-slash with intriguing multiplayer modes.  Ultimately, the character classes are the usual suspects (more or less) and gameplay appears to be standard hack-and-slash.

And the Shugoki is a turn-off.  It’s just a big dude with a big weapon hacking away.  Hopefully there will be more creative uses of this guy, but the trailer doesn’t show much more than a brawler.  I could just play Street Fighter.

More than anything, the big sell is the potential for major battles.  Large-scale warfare using real tactics.  A first person version of Total War.  That would be different and it would definitely set this game apart.

The game is available on Xbox One on February 14, 2017.

for honor video game

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  1. For Honor trailer

    The trailer you uploaded is really nice. The Shugoki seems to be so powerful and hard to defeat. I also like their weapons and clothes they are wearing. Without no doubt, For Honor trailer, its music, graphics and all other details are pretty awesome!


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