RULE on Kickstarter — War in Silicon Valley?

By | December 12, 2016

I’m constantly thinking about war.  At the grocery store, at the office, the ball game…what if war broke out here and now?  Where would I take cover?  What am I wearing?  Where would I get guns?

War is highly unlikely in my Silicon Valley neighborhood.  (Except the tech variety between Apple and Samsung and Google and Facebook, et al.)  No, the nastiest thing about the Valley are the rent prices.

But what if war happened here?  What if war happened in your neighborhood?

That’s the premise behind Rule, a Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy Game from Australian developer Boyd Robertson.  It’s currently on Kickstarter well short of its AU$ 10,000.  But this game needs to be funded because I want to see tanks on the streets of Palo Alto!

rule video game

The proof-of-concept online demo didn’t work for me and I gave up after trying to sign up and failing a couple times.  But it doesn’t look that great anyway.  Based on the video, the actual real-world map doesn’t seem to come into play.  Soldiers walk through forests and ignore streets altogether.  It’s just background.

But at this point, it doesn’t matter.  The concept is cool.  If the game will have me place troops on the Google campus in Mountain View and invade Apple’s Cupertino, then that’s all I need.

And here’s the full list of promises if fully funded:

  • Worldwide gameplay map – all 510 million square kilometres of Planet Earth. Your hometown will be in this game.
  • Hundreds of diverse unit types on land, sea and air – submarines, special forces, stealth bombers and more.
  • Deep real-time strategic and tactical combat system – blitzkriegs, trench warfare and commando raids!
  • Detailed (but streamlined) resources and construction system.
  • Sophisticated alliance system
  • Mod support
  • Free to play, NEVER pay-to-win – no microtransactions for shortcuts or gameplay advantages. If you lose, you’ll lose fairly.

Yep, this game will be awesome.  Fund it and let loose them bombs!

rule video game

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