The Station on Kickstarter — Did the Aliens deport us?

By | November 22, 2016

We’ve been reaching out to aliens since the mid-20th century.  And if anyone out there had the capability to pick up those radio signals from the 1930s+, then they probably would have the technology to find us where we live.  Unless, of course, they’re busy fighting a civil war.

In The Station, we find the aliens first, and they’re too busy fighting a civil war to know we’ve found them.  We send a station to observe and learn as much as we can about the aliens before deciding whether or not to engage with them.  Mission’s almost finished, they’re about to leave, but huge mechanical fail.  Station goes adrift.  A specialist (you) is sent to find out what happened.

The Station, currently crowd-funding, calls itself a “first-person sci-fi story exploration” game.

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station video game

But I wouldn’t call it an “exploration” game, at least not based on what I’ve read on Kickstarter.  After all, it takes place on a space station built by the same people who sent you.  It’s more of a mystery, which is a missed opportunity.

Fans of Robotech will remember Rick and Minmay stranded inside SDF-1.  They come across an airlock made for giants.  It’s at that moment that viewers realize that the SDF-1 is really an alien spaceship, and there are unexplored areas and undiscovered secrets.

The Station would be more intriguing if it was a station made by aliens.  Lots of opportunities there for surprises and wonder.

As is, though, the game’s premise is still fascinating with enough story to keep the player engaged, but ultimately, it’s still a mystery game rather than a true exploration game.

Hoping to see it funded and made!

station video game

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