Super Mario Run Release Date is December 15 — Watch out ‘shrooms!

By | November 15, 2016

The most anticipated game (in my household) finally has a release date.  December 15.  My kid has been screaming (literally!) for this mobile F2P.  Now I can give him a date, though his response will be, “That’s tomorrow, right?”

The new Super Mario Run Intro video shows us how to play this extremely complex game.  Here are the controls you’ll need to master:

1) Mario runs automatically.

2) Tap to jump.

3) Hold to jump higher.

Everyone get that?

Super Mario Run Video Game

The rest is Super Mario doing his thing: collecting gold and killing innocent mushrooms.

Okay, maybe them shrooms are not so innocent.  Actually, they’re killers, but they’re still shrooms….

And then of course, there’s Bowser, the most hated villain for 3 generations now.

The game also features usual F2P stuff like Kingdom Builder and Head-to-head competitions.  H2H is time and score based, and if your opponent has already completed her turn, you can see her ghost running with you to see how you compare.

Super Mario Run may not be the obsession that Pokemon Go was, but it is Mario, and he’s still Super, and now he’s Running!  Better watch out, all you second-rate runner games – you’re able to get stomped by a fat plumber…on your head!

Super Mario Run is out December 15 to iPhone and iPad.

Super Mario Run Video Game

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