The Wild Eight Gameplay Overview — Work with your friends, don’t eat them

By | November 14, 2016

Living in the cold is hard.  Seriously, you can die.  If the cold doesn’t get you, starvation will.  So, stay warm and eat!

Yes, it’s Captain Obvious, but that’s the objective of The Wild Eight, an upcoming survival game from HypeTrain Digital.

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There’s a plane crash and eight girls and gals must survive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

Remember this movie?  I can recall two.  In one, wolves eat the survivors.  In the other, survivors eat survivors.  I assume both scenarios can happen in the game.

wild eight video game

The Gameplay Overview video shows us what is possible in the game.  First of all, death is very possible.  Starvation is the number one threat.  The game wisely informs us to eat, or “face slow and unforgiving death”.  Sounds agonizing, but in the video, starvation kills like a gunshot: the dude just falls dead while on a good walk.  That might be preferable to the agonizing cold, but I wish it was more like Into the Wild.  Slow, agonizing, reflect-on-life until delirium kind of death.

But all good.

There’s also death by cold.  Need to start a fire and build shelter.  That’s the most intriguing aspect of the game.  Crafting and building.

Everyone starts off as rookies – not a lot of survival skills, but with each day of survival comes experience.  Some learn faster than others but everyone learns and each person develops a unique expertise.  That is, if they survive.

wild eight video game

The setting is procedurally-generated and there are different missions to keep the game interesting.

The primary selling-point is co-op.  Work together with other players to increase your chances of survival.  I guess if things don’t work out, you can also just eat them.

But that depends on which movie you want to play out.

Game’s coming soon, and looks like a winner.  I’ve added it to my wishlist!

wild eight video game

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