The Last Guardian Action Gameplay Trailer — A game about our childhood….

By | November 11, 2016

Some games are works of art.  That is, imagination and creativity and execution elicits emotion.  Case in point, look at The Last Guardian’s Action Gameplay Trailer.

Yes, it’s just a trailer – the game’s not out until December 2016 – but it’s more than that.

Watch it with sound, and then without.

The emotion is…childhood.

last guardian video game

Yes, everything that we felt as children – fear, amazement, curiosity, friendship….

The sandcastles in the sandlot have taken life.

It’s a magical world of creatures and religion and evil.  You are alone, and then you find a companion – a griffin of sorts: half furry canine and half powerful dragon.  He is your only friend in this dangerous world.

That is the metaphor of childhood, and our protagonist, a child, lives it out.  He is any one of us.

The action gameplay trailer presents plenty of action.  From creatures battles to tight-rope walking to magic.  The particle effects are amazing and the constant haziness sets the mood.

Will this game deliver?

We shall see, but so far, based on how it looks, it hits home.

last guardian video game

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