Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer — This is what makes Watch Dogs 2 a great game…

By | November 10, 2016

Why is Watch Dogs 2 awesome?  Sure, there are the gadgets and the geek-fest techies.  You get to lights-out San Francisco and out-nerd all the nerds.  It’s got solid drone action and slick melee battles involving a morning star.  But all pale in comparison to the real star of the game….

The Chevy El Camino.

Chevy El Camino

The Chevy El Camino…it’s what makes America great!

Yes, the El Camino.  The pride of the mid twentieth century.  Half truck, half car — the centaur of vehicles – burn up the road, pick up your auntie’s credenza, and look good doing both.  The true utility vehicle.

Watch Dogs 2 brings back the El Camino.  Reason alone to get this game: out November 15 and on PC November 29.

The Launch Trailer is actually not retro at all.  Nope, it’s got tablets and solar power panels and drones and self-driving cars….

Okay, no self-driving cars, but who wants to play a game with self-driving cars, anyway?  It’s got everything else Bay Area.  And dudes who know how to use it.

watch dogs 2 video game

Morning Star of the Streets

It’s about hackers and the falsely blamed and huge corporation, blah, blah, blah.  You can paint the full story just by those key words.  But who cares about the story.  This is about tech and the computers and networks screaming to be hacked.

But no, this game isn’t about modern tech at all.  It’s about the blast from the past.  Yep, this game is all about The Chevy El Camino.  Viva, El Camino!

watch dogs 2 video game

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