Routine Release Date Trailer — The Party’s On the Moon!

By | November 4, 2016

Something’s rotten on the big cheese.  What am I talking about?  The moon, of course.  And there’s something rotten on it.  Don’t believe me?

Check out the Release Date Trailer for Routine, a new survival exploration from indie UK developer, Lunar Software.

The first 10 seconds of the trailer is all we need.  Place is empty and there’s a trail of black goo leading to a door.  The message is simple – enter at your own risk, because what you find inside could be some crazy madness.

That’s enough for me – I’m getting this when it releases March 2017.

routine video game

The premise: you’re on a moon base where something’s gone terribly wrong.  Explore and survive!

The trailer, in the ‘80s horror flick homage-ness, gives us lots of corridors and darkness.  Yes, game will push all of our irrational fears to the extreme (except public speaking perhaps).

There’s also gore: subliminal flashes of intestines…or brain?…or sausage?   Hm, I’m hungry.  Whatever it is, it’s organic, and organic ain’t meant for a base on the moon.

Yeah, this game will rock.

routine video game

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