The Konvertible on Kickstarter — Portable Work Space Extension

By | November 3, 2016

We live in a remote, on-the-move world.  Can’t be tied down by hardware limitations.  Need portable, added space for work, for play, for everything in-between?

The Konvertible is what you need.

Check out their Kickstarter page and fund it now!

Here’s more info:

Other options on the market such as secondary monitor stands, attachments and other products to increase your work space never seem to do the trick because they are too bulky, heavy and require two hands to carry.


The Konvertible is slick and portable, which allows you to carry all your screens in one case, and takes up half the space. The case works and eliminates all unnecessary features resulting in beautiful and elegantly simple design. Each case will be custom designed by the Konvertible engineering team to ensure each laptop fits perfectly. In addition, the case is also available in multiple colors.

The Konvertible case is the definitive portable laptop solution for all lifestyles. Gamers, college students, traveling for business, stockbrokers, medical professionals, and more can all benefit from the added screen real estate to maximize their ability and efficiency.


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