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Star Trek Timelines now on Facebook!

Regardless of how you feel about Facebook Gameroom, it’s Facebook!  And now it’s getting some cool games, including Star Trek Timelines.  Check it out!


As Star Trek’s 50th anniversary comes to a close, Disruptor Beam continues to celebrate as their highly popular strategy role-playing game Star Trek Timelines is now available on Facebook Games via web browsers and Facebook Gameroom, a new PC gaming desktop app. With millions of fans playing the game on the App Store and Google Play, new and old players now have an extra way to experience the Star Trek universe.

Originally launched in January 2016 for the App Store and Google Play, Star Trek Timelines starts out when a temporal anomaly brings together space and time, allowing players to assemble a dream crew featuring characters from all eras of Star Trek. Players then deploy their crew to resolve conflicts using each crew member’s unique skills and abilities. The game allows players to engage in stunning 3D ship battles, as well as explore the galaxy alongside friends, delivering an immersive game experience to all Star Trek fans.

“One consistent request we’ve heard from our dedicated Star Trek Timelines community since launch has been to bring the action to Facebook,” said Joey Lapegna, Director of Product and Design at Disruptor Beam. “We could not be more thrilled to have Star Trek Timelines finally on Facebook Games and their new Gameroom platform and aim to deliver the same compelling experience as it is now on mobile.”

Star Trek Timelines on Facebook Gameroom and Facebook Games allows for persistent cross-platform gameplay between Facebook and mobile devices as progress made on either platform will be saved and accessible at any time. The Facebook versions of Star Trek Timelines are also available for free and in five different languages – English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Moving forward Disruptor Beam will update both the Facebook and mobile versions in tandem with frequent additions of new characters, starships, features and popular weekly in-game events.

To get started with the Facebook version of Star Trek Timelines, check out this FAQ on the Disruptor Beam website, visit Star Trek Timelines on Facebook Games or download Facebook Gameroom on your Windows PC.

Players can follow new game developments by joining the Star Trek Timelines community and signing up for the Bridge Crew email list, joining the Disruptor Beam forums and following the game on Facebook and Twitter.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — Is Galen Erso a Hero or Villain?

The Rogue One trailers have given us enough clichés and geek-talk topics to keep us busy until the movie’s release in December.  For example, what’s Darth Vader’s role?  Is that a kyber crystal that Jyn has, and if so, is she force sensitive?

But the one question I can’t keep out of my mind is, “Who is Galen Erso?”

rogue one star wars story galen erso

Galen Erso: Hero or Villain?

We of course know he’s Jyn’s father and like many of Mads Mikkelson’s characters, probably a quiet and unwilling participant in something bigger than the simple life he wants.  But is he villain or a hero?  What really is his role in producing the ultimate weapon of mass destruction?

At 1:00 of Story Trailer #2, Jyn Erso says, “If my father built this thing, we must find him”.

First of all, that’s a kid exaggerating her father’s accomplishments.  We know Galen didn’t build this all by himself.  The Geonosians had pretty much designed the entire Death Star at the onset of the Clones Wars 20 some years before the Battle of Yavin.  And at the end of The Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader, Tarkin and Emperor Palpatine oversee its construction.

rogue one star wars story

Give the bugs some credit

So, even if Galen was “recruited” when Jyn was still a child, the Death Star had already been considerably built by the time Galen was needed.

Was Galen working with the Geonosians?  I doubt it.  Are the filmmakers rewriting history and diminishing the work of the Geonosians (or more precisely, diminishing the work of George Lucas in Episodes 1, 2 and 3)?  That, unfortunately, might be the case here.  Some parts of the Prequels are difficult to watch without cringing, but the stories, characters and the worlds introduced in them are still fascinating.  The Disney films cannot completely erase what’s part of the official canon, but it would be very disappointing if they choose to ignore almost everything in the first three episodes.  I would also include the animated Clone Wars series, as well, which is also part of the canon.

And is Galen a hero of villain?

Many Nazis may have disagreed with what was happening during World War 2, but they were still Nazis.  Galen may be forced to work to save his family but he’s still helping to produce a weapon that ultimately leads to genocide (the destruction of an entire planet, Alderaan).

rogue one star wars story

Galen Erso’s legacy: the genocide of an entire planet’s inhabitants

It could be that he added the vulnerability to the Death Star’s plans – one that allowed Luke Skywalker to destroy it in the Battle of Yavin with a single shot.  That certainly makes sense since it always amazed me that the Empire would overlook such a weakness, especially since they’ve been working on the Death Star for over 20 years.

But I really hope that is not the case.  Because doing so would give Galen, a minor character overall, too much acclaim, and diminish Luke and the Force’s power and impact in their improbable victory over the Empire.

So, my hope is that Galen is a loving father enslaved to work for the Empire, and nothing more than that.

The Station on Kickstarter — Did the Aliens deport us?

We’ve been reaching out to aliens since the mid-20th century.  And if anyone out there had the capability to pick up those radio signals from the 1930s+, then they probably would have the technology to find us where we live.  Unless, of course, they’re busy fighting a civil war.

In The Station, we find the aliens first, and they’re too busy fighting a civil war to know we’ve found them.  We send a station to observe and learn as much as we can about the aliens before deciding whether or not to engage with them.  Mission’s almost finished, they’re about to leave, but huge mechanical fail.  Station goes adrift.  A specialist (you) is sent to find out what happened.

The Station, currently crowd-funding, calls itself a “first-person sci-fi story exploration” game.

Fund The Station now on Kickstarter!

station video game

But I wouldn’t call it an “exploration” game, at least not based on what I’ve read on Kickstarter.  After all, it takes place on a space station built by the same people who sent you.  It’s more of a mystery, which is a missed opportunity.

Fans of Robotech will remember Rick and Minmay stranded inside SDF-1.  They come across an airlock made for giants.  It’s at that moment that viewers realize that the SDF-1 is really an alien spaceship, and there are unexplored areas and undiscovered secrets.

The Station would be more intriguing if it was a station made by aliens.  Lots of opportunities there for surprises and wonder.

As is, though, the game’s premise is still fascinating with enough story to keep the player engaged, but ultimately, it’s still a mystery game rather than a true exploration game.

Hoping to see it funded and made!

station video game

Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer: Survival DLC – Expansion 2

Can’t survive in Manhattan.  Not now, not in the world of Tom Clancy’s The Division.  The city will eat you alive, and so it’s fitting that the game’s second expansion is titled, Survival.

division survival video game

SHD agents have crashed in Manhattan in the middle of a harsh winter.  Need to survive the elements but also the roaming thugs with big guns.

The Trailer has a clear message: your buddies are more important than food or shelter.  The 2-minute video begins with the crash, and then a lone survivor.  He hides, is discovered, and runs.  He’s soon cornered, beat up and is about to meet his fate when his mates come to the rescue.

No matter how fast and how stealthy, can’t survive without your mates covering your six.  Okay, we get it.  Work together, survive the winter.

The DLC is available November 22 on Xbox One and PC, and December 21 on PS4.

division survival video game

Steam Hammer on Kickstarter — Steampunk never looked so good

Waiting for a “Hardcore Sandbox RPG Set in a Dark and Mysterious Steampunk World”?  Wait no longer, Steam Hammer is here.

Okay, you’ll have to wait just a tad longer, but looks like it will be worth the wait.

Steam Hammer is currently raising funds and looks like it’ll get funded easily.

Back it now on Kickstarter:

Game looks like a good one.  Intense, brutal and most importantly, re-playable.

Actually, this picture says everything you need to know:

steam hammer video game

Want the words anyway?  Here’s them deets:

The Game

Steam Hammer is the first hardcore sandbox-style RPG set in a dark and mysterious steampunk world. Experience the intensity as you try to survive on the mysterious Acribo Islands. Steam Hammer features:

  • Classic Victorian steampunk setting with wondrous mechanisms, machinery, weapons, armor, clothing, and—of course—steam and smoke.
  • Open-class system that frees you from arbitrary constraints. Engineer, scientist, farmer, gunsmith, stormtrooper, sharpshooter, and more can all be combined and switched depending on your skill set.
  • Huge open world for you to explore, travel, and terraform. Go where you will and master the land.

steam hammer video game


  • Classic Steampunk vs. Biopunk: Play as either a technocrat of the Victorian Empire with mighty steam-powered artifacts or as an Acribian rebel that has fused machinery with living flesh. Each has its own crafting tree, weapons, equipment, and architecture.
  • Conduct Daring Air Assaults: Use your steam jetpack to hijack enemy airships and assault impregnable forts protected by blazing turrets. Engage in PvP with up to 64 players using a non-target combat system that makes the players’ skills matter.
  • Extensive Crafting System: Go from cobbling together a makeshift machete to building your own airship fleet. Construct multilayered modular structures and build unique equipment including steam motorcycles, military airships, and even flying leviathans. Team up with your friends to build whole cities.
  • Steam Hammer and Leviathan: Create and customize steam-mechanical and biomechanics weapons, equipment, and vehicles to suit your style of play.
  • Terraform the Terrain: Your world – your rules. Modify the terrain to suit your needs. You will need to dig mines, tunnels, and ditches to harvest the priceless celebrium sap, develop your technology, and conquer your foes.

steam hammer video game

Madden Mobile 17 — The team that got me to Top 100

Took 3 months, but I finally made Top 100 in Madden Mobile 17.

Here’s the team that got me there.

Also, see my other Madden Mobile 17 posts, including tips for success in Head-to-Head Rivalry play.

madden mobile 17 video game


madden mobile 17 video game

QB: Aaron Rodgers, 91

HB: Adrian Peterson, 89

FB: Patrick DiMarco, 98

WR: Antonio Brown, 92

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, 89

Flex: Tyler Eifert, 98

TE: Rob Gronkowski, 99

OT: Joe Thomas, 91

OT: Zach Strief, 89

OG: Kyle Long, 92

OG: Marshal Yanda, 93

C: Travis Frederick, 91


madden mobile 17 video game

CB: Richard Sherman, 92

CB: Josh Norman, 91

S: Mike Mitchell, 92

S: T.J. Ward, 92

Nickel: Delvin Breaux, 91

Dime: Antoine Bethea, 90

DE: Jason Pierre-Paul, 92

DE: Jurrell Casey, 90

DT: Vince Wilfork, 92

DT: Kawann Short, 91

LB: Von Miller, 99

LB: Terrell Suggs, 93

MLB: Luke Kuechly, 93

MLB: Paul Kruger, 91

Special Teams

madden mobile 17 video game

K: Adam Vinatieri, 83

KR: Tyler Lockett, 89

P: Mike Scifres, 87

PR: Jarvis Landry, 82


Super Mario Run Release Date is December 15 — Watch out ‘shrooms!

The most anticipated game (in my household) finally has a release date.  December 15.  My kid has been screaming (literally!) for this mobile F2P.  Now I can give him a date, though his response will be, “That’s tomorrow, right?”

The new Super Mario Run Intro video shows us how to play this extremely complex game.  Here are the controls you’ll need to master:

1) Mario runs automatically.

2) Tap to jump.

3) Hold to jump higher.

Everyone get that?

Super Mario Run Video Game

The rest is Super Mario doing his thing: collecting gold and killing innocent mushrooms.

Okay, maybe them shrooms are not so innocent.  Actually, they’re killers, but they’re still shrooms….

And then of course, there’s Bowser, the most hated villain for 3 generations now.

The game also features usual F2P stuff like Kingdom Builder and Head-to-head competitions.  H2H is time and score based, and if your opponent has already completed her turn, you can see her ghost running with you to see how you compare.

Super Mario Run may not be the obsession that Pokemon Go was, but it is Mario, and he’s still Super, and now he’s Running!  Better watch out, all you second-rate runner games – you’re able to get stomped by a fat plumber…on your head!

Super Mario Run is out December 15 to iPhone and iPad.

Super Mario Run Video Game

The Wild Eight Gameplay Overview — Work with your friends, don’t eat them

Living in the cold is hard.  Seriously, you can die.  If the cold doesn’t get you, starvation will.  So, stay warm and eat!

Yes, it’s Captain Obvious, but that’s the objective of The Wild Eight, an upcoming survival game from HypeTrain Digital.

Add it to your wishlist on Steam.

There’s a plane crash and eight girls and gals must survive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

Remember this movie?  I can recall two.  In one, wolves eat the survivors.  In the other, survivors eat survivors.  I assume both scenarios can happen in the game.

wild eight video game

The Gameplay Overview video shows us what is possible in the game.  First of all, death is very possible.  Starvation is the number one threat.  The game wisely informs us to eat, or “face slow and unforgiving death”.  Sounds agonizing, but in the video, starvation kills like a gunshot: the dude just falls dead while on a good walk.  That might be preferable to the agonizing cold, but I wish it was more like Into the Wild.  Slow, agonizing, reflect-on-life until delirium kind of death.

But all good.

There’s also death by cold.  Need to start a fire and build shelter.  That’s the most intriguing aspect of the game.  Crafting and building.

Everyone starts off as rookies – not a lot of survival skills, but with each day of survival comes experience.  Some learn faster than others but everyone learns and each person develops a unique expertise.  That is, if they survive.

wild eight video game

The setting is procedurally-generated and there are different missions to keep the game interesting.

The primary selling-point is co-op.  Work together with other players to increase your chances of survival.  I guess if things don’t work out, you can also just eat them.

But that depends on which movie you want to play out.

Game’s coming soon, and looks like a winner.  I’ve added it to my wishlist!

wild eight video game

The Last Guardian Action Gameplay Trailer — A game about our childhood….

Some games are works of art.  That is, imagination and creativity and execution elicits emotion.  Case in point, look at The Last Guardian’s Action Gameplay Trailer.

Yes, it’s just a trailer – the game’s not out until December 2016 – but it’s more than that.

Watch it with sound, and then without.

The emotion is…childhood.

last guardian video game

Yes, everything that we felt as children – fear, amazement, curiosity, friendship….

The sandcastles in the sandlot have taken life.

It’s a magical world of creatures and religion and evil.  You are alone, and then you find a companion – a griffin of sorts: half furry canine and half powerful dragon.  He is your only friend in this dangerous world.

That is the metaphor of childhood, and our protagonist, a child, lives it out.  He is any one of us.

The action gameplay trailer presents plenty of action.  From creatures battles to tight-rope walking to magic.  The particle effects are amazing and the constant haziness sets the mood.

Will this game deliver?

We shall see, but so far, based on how it looks, it hits home.

last guardian video game