Madden Mobile 17 — How to use Stamina and Money

By | October 26, 2016

Not sure how to spend your stamina and money in Madden Mobile 17?  It’s very simple.  Focus on two players: Mobile Master Rob Gronkowski and Domination Von Miller.

Both are “end” players.  There’s no replacing them and worth more than anything you’ll get from the auction.  It took me about 2 months to get both.  Here are some tips to help you land these 99-rated beasts.

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Mobile Master Rob Gronkowski

madden mobile 17 video game

Grind like Gronk

You need to finish the Mobile Master set, which requires the following collectibles:

  • 10 Leagues Master
  • 4 Live Event Master
  • 3 Sets Master
  • 5 Seasons Master
  • 13 Division Master

Leagues Master

This one is easy.  Join a league with active players that competes regularly in tournaments.  Every tournament completed will give you League Collectibles (3 for a win, 2 for a tie, and 1 for a loss).  10 of these collectibles can be traded in for a Leagues Master Collectible.  10 Leagues Master Collectibles are needed to complete the Mobile Master set.  So, the tip here: join a good active league.

Live Event Master

Ultimately, you will need to win 750 unique (no repeat) Live Events to earn all 4 Live Event Mater collectibles.  Sounds daunting, but it’s not that bad.  Live Events are easy and fast and there are several new ones each day.  Check every hour, spend 5 minutes to knock ‘em out.

madden mobile 17 video game

Takes time but not hard

Sets Master

You will need to complete 100 unique sets (no repeats) to earn all 3 Sets Master collectibles.  This is where money comes in.  Many players hoard their cash for 1 or 2 players at the auction.  That’s not the way to go.  I’m not anti-auction, but I wouldn’t use big cash on low 90s players, especially at the beginning of the season when prices are inflated.

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Instead, spend every dollar on pro-packs.  Why?  Pro-packs will help you complete sets.  They’ve also given me several elites as well as key collectibles like several Team Hero Collectibles.  Use bronze and silver players to complete Team Sets.  Extra gold players can be used for Team Hero players.  Once these sets are completed at least once, turn extra players into trophies, which can be used to complete a variety of other sets.

There are also sets that are completed via Live Events.  These will be easy since you’re already playing Live Events every day, every hour.

In addition, complete the low-level sets on limited special events, like those during holidays.

Seasons Master

Grind, grind, grind.  That’s all there is to this one.  You need to win the Super Bowl 5 times.  To get to the Super Bowl, you need to play a full season plus 3 playoff games.  Some league mates have suggested forfeiting a few regular season games since you only need like 10 wins to make the playoffs.  I wouldn’t do that since several achievements, including valuable League rewards, are gained by accumulating stats like passing and rushing yards.

Games during the first five seasons are very easy.  You’ll blow out the computer every time.  However, be careful during the playoffs.  Sometimes the computer gets tough and if you’re careless, you’ll go home and will have to play an extra season.

Division Master

Head-to-head rivalry is why I play this game.  I love it, but to most of my league-mates, it’s grinding with bare-hands and blind-folded.  If you’re having trouble with H2H Rivalry play, check out my other posts:

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Top Passing Plays

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Domination Von Miller

madden mobile 17 video game

Every Wednesday, there is a Domination Live Event.  The event requires 10 Stamina and is the toughest live event in Madden Mobile 17.  Each win will give you a Domination Collectible.  You need 10 unique Domination Offense and 10 unique Domination Defense collectibles to complete the Domination Master set and win Von Miller.

The most difficult part is the Live Event itself.  It’s very difficult to win.  There are two varieties: come back in the 4th quarter (offense) and shutout the other team (defense).

Domination Offense Live Event

To win, you have to score a touchdown.  A field goal won’t do it.  You have 45 seconds.  To win, you only need two plays: HB Angle and HB Dive WK.

HB Angle: Pass the ball to your running back on the angle.  Don’t even look at anyone else.  The chances of completing it and moving the ball quickly are the highest with this one play.

madden mobile 17 video game

If you are inside the 5-yard line, the defense will switch to goal-line and HB Angle won’t work.  Run HB Dive WK and go around the tackle unless there’s a big hole up the middle.

Use your timeouts wisely.  You don’t want to run out and you don’t want to leave too much clock for the other team.

If you have to kick the ball, kick it deep and down the middle, which takes up more time.  If you have to play defense, use 3-4 Pinch (see below).

Domination Defense Live Event

To win, you have to shutout the other team.  Use one play and one play only: 3-4 Pinch.  Don’t mess with anything else.  Be the OLB on the weak side.  Move him around the tackle and hammer the QB.

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madden mobile 17 video game

Pinch is the only defense play you need in Madden Mobile 17

Even if you win, you have to get all 20 unique collectibles.  I don’t think one collectible is more than another, but it took me 3 weeks to get my last one, Willpower.  You can imagine the number of duplicates.

madden mobile 17 video game

All my dupes….

Okay, that’s it.  Once you get both Miller and Gronk, you’re set and free to do what you want with your stamina and money.  So snipe away at the auction or move up in the H2H rankings, but not until Gronk and Miller!

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