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The Withering on Kickstarter — End of the World, show me what you got!

Deep down, all of us want the zombie apocalypse.  In the monotony of order and routine of our pitifully boring lives, we long for a little bit of chaos.  We want to blow up undead noggins with a shotgun.  We want to build zombie-proof fortresses with shopping carts and file cabinets.  We want to reshuffle the deck so that those of us at the bottom can be on top.  Yeah, we want the zombie apocalypse.

At least until things start to suck, like running out of food.

But even then, we want it.  Or at least, I do.  And I’m not the only one.  Because there are these cool dudes in Canada making a game about it.

The company is CM Softworks led by Creative Director David Shefet.

The game is The Withering.

It was Green Lit on Steam, and it’s currently on pace to hit the $60K crowd-funding goal.

Fund it now on Kickstarter.

What is The Withering?  Here you go:

The Withering is a digital game that is a modern world post-apocalyptic survival horror simulator set in a world where a terrible viral infection wiped 90% of the population. The infection triggered a series of catastrophic events laying devastation on an already dying world. Those who survived are now facing a new reality and are forced to scavenge for resources and fight for their lives against the infected and other threats in this new world.

90% gone?  That means only 700 million are left in the world.  The other 6.3 billion are either dead or zombie.  That’s a lot of zombies!

And I bet the survivors aren’t too nice, either.  Still want the zombie apocalypse?

Heck yeah!

the withering video game

To survive in the game, you need to explore, fight, and work together.

What else?  Here are features listed on Kickstarter:

  • A vast open world to explore
  • Dynamic random events generation
  • Deep character customization with skill trees and perks
  • Extended RPG style weapons and gear
  • Robust multi tier crafting system
  • Advanced AI control with multiple enemy types
  • Survivor camp management
  • RPG style character progression and development
  • Single player game mode with no internet connection requirement
  • Revolutionary multiplayer concept never seen before in this genre
  • Multiple PvE and Co-op multiplayer game modes
  • Adrenaline pumping PvP gameplay with classic and unique modes

Advanced AI?  Dynamic random events generation?  Whoa!  I just had a No Man’s Sky flashback….

And I’m not sure what exactly they mean by “revolutionary multiplayer concept”.  On the company’s website, it lists classic PvP modes such as deathmatch and capture the flag.  The game will also feature PvE (player versus environment) in which players are dynamically teamed-up while in the open world.  They can then run missions together.  But that sounds more or less like standard co-op.

Perhaps some over-promising going on, but revolutionary or not, zombie-bashing is always better with a buddy.

Overall, the game looks good and definitely one of the games I’ll be keeping my eyes on.

Bring on the zombie apocalypse!

the withering video game

the withering video game

the withering video game

Madden Mobile 17 — How to use Stamina and Money

Not sure how to spend your stamina and money in Madden Mobile 17?  It’s very simple.  Focus on two players: Mobile Master Rob Gronkowski and Domination Von Miller.

Both are “end” players.  There’s no replacing them and worth more than anything you’ll get from the auction.  It took me about 2 months to get both.  Here are some tips to help you land these 99-rated beasts.

Also, check out my other posts here.

Mobile Master Rob Gronkowski

madden mobile 17 video game

Grind like Gronk

You need to finish the Mobile Master set, which requires the following collectibles:

  • 10 Leagues Master
  • 4 Live Event Master
  • 3 Sets Master
  • 5 Seasons Master
  • 13 Division Master

Leagues Master

This one is easy.  Join a league with active players that competes regularly in tournaments.  Every tournament completed will give you League Collectibles (3 for a win, 2 for a tie, and 1 for a loss).  10 of these collectibles can be traded in for a Leagues Master Collectible.  10 Leagues Master Collectibles are needed to complete the Mobile Master set.  So, the tip here: join a good active league.

Live Event Master

Ultimately, you will need to win 750 unique (no repeat) Live Events to earn all 4 Live Event Mater collectibles.  Sounds daunting, but it’s not that bad.  Live Events are easy and fast and there are several new ones each day.  Check every hour, spend 5 minutes to knock ‘em out.

madden mobile 17 video game

Takes time but not hard

Sets Master

You will need to complete 100 unique sets (no repeats) to earn all 3 Sets Master collectibles.  This is where money comes in.  Many players hoard their cash for 1 or 2 players at the auction.  That’s not the way to go.  I’m not anti-auction, but I wouldn’t use big cash on low 90s players, especially at the beginning of the season when prices are inflated.

Read my post on my view of the auction here: Should I use the auction?

Instead, spend every dollar on pro-packs.  Why?  Pro-packs will help you complete sets.  They’ve also given me several elites as well as key collectibles like several Team Hero Collectibles.  Use bronze and silver players to complete Team Sets.  Extra gold players can be used for Team Hero players.  Once these sets are completed at least once, turn extra players into trophies, which can be used to complete a variety of other sets.

There are also sets that are completed via Live Events.  These will be easy since you’re already playing Live Events every day, every hour.

In addition, complete the low-level sets on limited special events, like those during holidays.

Seasons Master

Grind, grind, grind.  That’s all there is to this one.  You need to win the Super Bowl 5 times.  To get to the Super Bowl, you need to play a full season plus 3 playoff games.  Some league mates have suggested forfeiting a few regular season games since you only need like 10 wins to make the playoffs.  I wouldn’t do that since several achievements, including valuable League rewards, are gained by accumulating stats like passing and rushing yards.

Games during the first five seasons are very easy.  You’ll blow out the computer every time.  However, be careful during the playoffs.  Sometimes the computer gets tough and if you’re careless, you’ll go home and will have to play an extra season.

Division Master

Head-to-head rivalry is why I play this game.  I love it, but to most of my league-mates, it’s grinding with bare-hands and blind-folded.  If you’re having trouble with H2H Rivalry play, check out my other posts:

How to succeed in Head-to-Head Rivalry

Top Passing Plays

Top Rushing Plays

Domination Von Miller

madden mobile 17 video game

Every Wednesday, there is a Domination Live Event.  The event requires 10 Stamina and is the toughest live event in Madden Mobile 17.  Each win will give you a Domination Collectible.  You need 10 unique Domination Offense and 10 unique Domination Defense collectibles to complete the Domination Master set and win Von Miller.

The most difficult part is the Live Event itself.  It’s very difficult to win.  There are two varieties: come back in the 4th quarter (offense) and shutout the other team (defense).

Domination Offense Live Event

To win, you have to score a touchdown.  A field goal won’t do it.  You have 45 seconds.  To win, you only need two plays: HB Angle and HB Dive WK.

HB Angle: Pass the ball to your running back on the angle.  Don’t even look at anyone else.  The chances of completing it and moving the ball quickly are the highest with this one play.

madden mobile 17 video game

If you are inside the 5-yard line, the defense will switch to goal-line and HB Angle won’t work.  Run HB Dive WK and go around the tackle unless there’s a big hole up the middle.

Use your timeouts wisely.  You don’t want to run out and you don’t want to leave too much clock for the other team.

If you have to kick the ball, kick it deep and down the middle, which takes up more time.  If you have to play defense, use 3-4 Pinch (see below).

Domination Defense Live Event

To win, you have to shutout the other team.  Use one play and one play only: 3-4 Pinch.  Don’t mess with anything else.  Be the OLB on the weak side.  Move him around the tackle and hammer the QB.

Read more about this play on my post:

Best Defensive Play in Madden Mobile 17

madden mobile 17 video game

Pinch is the only defense play you need in Madden Mobile 17

Even if you win, you have to get all 20 unique collectibles.  I don’t think one collectible is more than another, but it took me 3 weeks to get my last one, Willpower.  You can imagine the number of duplicates.

madden mobile 17 video game

All my dupes….

Okay, that’s it.  Once you get both Miller and Gronk, you’re set and free to do what you want with your stamina and money.  So snipe away at the auction or move up in the H2H rankings, but not until Gronk and Miller!

Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer — Buddy-bonding at its best!

It’s good to have a buddy, especially if that buddy is a Titan.

Titanfall 2’s official launch trailer is a 100-second buddy montage.  It’s up there with the greatest of buddy montages like the Weed Dream from Harold and Kumar.

In the trailer, aspiring pilot, Jack Cooper, and a titan, BT-7274, get down and dirty bonding.  They walk together, parkour together, even share a nice campfire together.  Most of all, though, they bond by killing bad guys.  Lots of bad guys.  Shooting, stabbing, burning and of course, blowing ‘em up to smithereens.  Yep, good to have s buddy.

The marketing angle for the game is that pilot and titan must act as one in order to accomplish the mission.  Like two figure-skaters in sync on every move, man and machine must twirl and axel their way to survival.

But of course, gamers don’t really care about that.  What’s new?

First of all, there’s a one-player campaign.  Yay!

There are also 6 new Titans:

Ronin: Close combat master, like a Samurai, except ronin’s didn’t have masters, so more like a…ronin.

Scorch: Take a wild guess…?  Yes, that’s right, fire specialist.

Legion: Defense and control, like the Roman legions in their tetsuro.

Northstar: Precision attacks, and it can fly!

Ion: Energy weapons.

Tone: Locked-in weapons.

titanfall 2 video game

Buddy buddy!

There’s also new  tactics and tech.  The most interesting is the holo-pilot, which is a holographic image to confuse the bad guys – reminds me of Bruce Lee and the house of mirrors in Enter the Dragon.  Remember that?  Bruce gets pissed so he starts punching mirrors with his bare fists.  Bruce didn’t need a buddy….

But new features are really the icing.  The cake, of course, is the buddy bonding.  Yes, just me and my Titan.  Good times, good times.

Titanfall 2 is out on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on October 28, 2016.

Yore VR — Will it be as good as The Oregon Trail?

Remember The Oregon Trail on the Apple II?  An epic game of survival on the deadly road west.  One tough game, even for the nimble fingers of an eight-year-old.  I mean, shooting deer with buckshot?

Okay, you may not have played old-school OT, but that’s what Yore VR reminds me of.  There’s even a deer, though it seems more friendly…and slow.  Technology-wise, it’s like Model T versus Tesla, but the basic premise is similar.

In Yore VR, you are a commoner in Medieval Europe, probably England.  In this open world simulation, you hunt, gather, and make things – basically, you have to work.  Nothing new, right?

Well, the big sell here is that it’s all Virtual Reality.  Yep, strap on those goggles and you’re actually there in that forest, minus the fresh air and plus the possibility of puking every time you turn your head.

After No Man’s Sky, I’m very wary of games that sound too good to be…good.  Yore VR has that smell, but still very excited regardless.  Seriously, this is Star Trek holodeck stuff…or at least the Apple II version of it.

Check out the trailer, screenshots, the press release, and get Yoring!


Yore VR Defines Gameplay Systems, Adds Features Prior to Early Access Launch

Added two gameplay modes, NPCs and difficulty level in advance of launch

October 17, 2016- The developers behind Yore VR, a new title coming soon to Steam Early Access, have improved features and added two gameplay modes ahead of launch. The changes were made following feedback from a strong core community of gamers.

Building on the existing structure of Yore VR, the new additions provide players with richer experiences and challenges. The three options for movement systems will enhance travel around the open world as players work to unlock weapons and resources needed for Blacksmithing and crafting.

Key Features Include:

Open World Design – A welcoming world, just under 1km x 1km, filled with beautiful trees chirping birds, beautiful deer, a river, lake and waterfalls awaits the player with a settlement situation in the center.

Blacksmithing – Semi-Realistic blacksmithing sim, with ingots to forge, heat up and hammer away. For launch, swords will be the only item that can be crafted however the type of sword that is made will be based on a player’s blacksmithing skill. This is calculated based on the quality of the ingot produced at the smelter as well as the accuracy of hammer strikes, the average temperature of each strike over the course of the blacksmithing process and perhaps the velocity of the strikes themselves.

Practice Forge – There will be 44 different components, blades, hilts, crossguards and pommels with thousands of possible crafting combinations. Components will be organized into 4-5 tiers from poor to epic, with poor being a run of the mill blade and components and epic being, well bloody epic.

Player progression and town building – Weapons and buildings can be unlocked by gathering resources and gold in whatever order the player decides.  Once unlocked, buildings (such as the pub) can be upgraded over time, adding new features and benefits.

Yore VR is being developed in a partnership formed with TectonicVR and Ironbelly Studios.

Ironbelly Studios Inc. is a creative and technical service partner that has worked with over 300 independent studios since their founding in 2009. TectonicVR is a small studio established in 2016, with Yore VR being their first title.

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yore vr video game

yore vr video game

yore vr video game

yore vr video game

Google’s Hidden Games – Infographic

Ah, those silly Googlers, gotta love them!  Leave it to those wacky coders in Mountain View to add a little spice to our otherwise boring lives.

If you need a little game break and your company or house doesn’t have a game console, and you’re tired of playing mobile or the hundreds of free gaming sites on the web, then turn to Google’s hidden games.

Like asking Siri what’s 0 divided by 0, the find is the real reward, but if you’re not interested in the Easter egg hunt, then check out this awesome infographic from June Palmer.

Thanks, June!  And thank you, Google!

by Euroffice.

The Walking Dead: March to War — Are you a Survivor?

I eat up The Walking Dead like a walker eats up…well, you know.  I dig it all, from TV, comics, to games of all genres including F2Ps.

So really excited about the upcoming mobile F2P, The Walking Dead: March to War from Disruptor Beam.  It’s due out in 2017 and the concept art alone screams intense.  How intense?

Holy #$%, are those Glenn’s guts????

That intense.

I’ll be writing more about this soon.  For now, check out the teaser trailer, concept pics, and register as a survivor at

the walking dead: march to war video game

Intense fire fight

the walking dead: march to war video game

the walking dead: march to war video game

the walking dead: march to war video game

Hello Neighbor Announcement Trailer — Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s…secrets

We’re all curious about our neighbors.  Everyone.  From what they eat to all the brokenness in their lives, we want to know.  I don’t know how many nights I sat in the dark, binoculars ready, waiting for some Rear Window action from the Hargrove couple across the street.  Or my ear on wall in my San Francisco apartment hoping to discover why Dale is so darn quiet.

We’ve all done that, right?

hello neighbor video game

tinyBuildGames is developing a game starring two friendly neighbors.  Hello Neighbor is about secrets.  One neighbor has them and the other wants to find out what they are.

The Announcement Trailer begins with the former boarding up his doors and barricading himself.  The first-person stalker tries to infiltrate the house.  He does so with…a tomato!  Watch out, 007!

He distracts the homeowner with other things like television and lights.  It works!  Dude goes to room to turn off TV, intruder goes to other room, etc.  Eventually, the homeowner gets suspicious and then finds the trespasser and locks him in a room.

It’s ridiculous, but suspenseful.

hello neighbor video game

The game’s self-proclaimed genre is Stealth Horror, but it doesn’t have to be.  Why sneak into your neighbor’s house in broad daylight with the dude awake and at home?  It’s not some apocalyptic world where survival is at stake, and stealth and horror is unavoidable.  The dude doesn’t have to trespass, but he does and he gets caught!

So, the question is, what’s at stake and what is the reality of this world and situation?  Definitely, intriguing concept worth exploring.

Open for Alpha, can’t wait to try it out.