Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Withering on Kickstarter — End of the World, show me what you got!

Deep down, all of us want the zombie apocalypse.  In the monotony of order and routine of our pitifully boring lives, we long for a little bit of chaos.  We want to blow up undead noggins with a shotgun.  We want to build zombie-proof fortresses with shopping carts and file cabinets.  We want to reshuffle… Read More »

Madden Mobile 17 — How to use Stamina and Money

Not sure how to spend your stamina and money in Madden Mobile 17?  It’s very simple.  Focus on two players: Mobile Master Rob Gronkowski and Domination Von Miller. Both are “end” players.  There’s no replacing them and worth more than anything you’ll get from the auction.  It took me about 2 months to get both. … Read More »

Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer — Buddy-bonding at its best!

It’s good to have a buddy, especially if that buddy is a Titan. Titanfall 2’s official launch trailer is a 100-second buddy montage.  It’s up there with the greatest of buddy montages like the Weed Dream from Harold and Kumar. In the trailer, aspiring pilot, Jack Cooper, and a titan, BT-7274, get down and dirty… Read More »

The Walking Dead: March to War — Are you a Survivor?

I eat up The Walking Dead like a walker eats up…well, you know.  I dig it all, from TV, comics, to games of all genres including F2Ps. So really excited about the upcoming mobile F2P, The Walking Dead: March to War from Disruptor Beam.  It’s due out in 2017 and the concept art alone screams… Read More »

Hello Neighbor Announcement Trailer — Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s…secrets

We’re all curious about our neighbors.  Everyone.  From what they eat to all the brokenness in their lives, we want to know.  I don’t know how many nights I sat in the dark, binoculars ready, waiting for some Rear Window action from the Hargrove couple across the street.  Or my ear on wall in my… Read More »