Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: the only defensive play you need

By | September 29, 2016

If Offense is Frodo, then Defense is Sam in Madden Mobile 17.  It’s there because it has to be, because offense needs something in front of it.  This is unfortunate, since even Gandalf would say, “Defense wins championships”.

Playing defense is unnecessary for league, tournament and rivalry modes.  It is required, however, for Season and some live events such as Domination.

So which play should I run?  Which formation?  3-4, 4-3, Dime or Nickel?

There really is no strategy here.  The only defensive play you need in Madden Mobile 17 is the 3-4 Pinch.

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3-4 Pinch

madden mobile 17 video game

Pinch is the only defense play you need in Madden Mobile 17

Select the ROLB (Anthony Barr in the screenshot).  It doesn’t matter which formation the offense is in or which down.  Place him a couple yards from the left tackle.  Pull down on the control so that he’s running in place.  He won’t cross the line of scrimmage until after the ball is snapped.

madden mobile 17 video game

Choose the outside Linebacker and have him run around the tackle for a clean hit on the QB.

Once the play starts, move him around the tackle and then toward the QB.  It will very often result in a sack or user tackle.  There’s also a high chance the QB will make a bad throw resulting in incompletions and interceptions.

madden mobile 17 video game

Lots of sacks and other good stuff.

That’s it.  That’s all you need to know.  It’ll help you win season games, live events, and complete achievements.

And get you that precious ring.

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