Madden Mobile 17: Top Run Plays

By | September 19, 2016

Running the ball is the key to success in Madden Mobile 17.  Below are the top rush plays.

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Top Run Plays

1) HB DIVE WK (I-Form)

madden mobile 17 video game

HB Dive WK is a top go-to run play.

How: If the OLB breaks out, run between the center and tackle.  If the linebacker breaks in, run around the tackle.  As a default, run this play around the tackle.

When: Any down, any situation including 3rd and long.

Counter formation: AI usually defaults to 4-3 on this play, so if you see 3-4, the play is most likely countered.

2) HB BLAST (I-Form)

madden mobile 17 video game

HB Blast to blast through the defense (unless countered)

How: Run outside the tackle for a solid 5 yards or more.

When: 1st and 2nd downs and any goal-line situation except on 4th down.

Counter formation: 4-3.  This play is very often countered.


madden mobile 17 video game

3 effective run plays….

How: Default is to run it between the center and guard.  But be ready to run around the tackle since holes close up fast, especially in high tier games.

When: Any down, any situation.  Very effective for PAT.

Counter formation: Nickel.  Even if countered, this play has a high chance of success.  I’ve seen some Hall-of-Fame players run this play on every down, eventually breaking one for a big gain.


How: Run both plays right down the middle.  Effective against the dime or nickel for big gains.

When: Best on 3rd and Long or Goal line.  Against the nickel or dime, both plays have a high chance to break for 10 yards or more.  Weak I HB Gut is an effective PAT play.

Counter formations: Strong I Twins 20 Dive is 4-3 and Weak I HB Gut is 3-4.

5) HB PITCH (Single Back)

madden mobile 17 video game

HB Pitch and Slant 18, good for some situations but not all

How: Sweep out and watch the LBs and DBs for a chance to move up field.  The sooner you cut up-field, the better chance of success, but it will depend on the blocking and the defense.  If there’s a trailer or the block is to the inside, then sweep out as far as you can to turn the corner.  For this reason, it’s best to run it from the far hash.

When: Any non-goal-line situation except on 4th down.  Especially effective for short yardage situations such as 3rd and 3.  Not effective on 4th down or Goal Line situations.

Counter formation: Nickel.  Very ineffective when countered.

6) HB SLANT 18 (Single Back)

How: Sweep around the tackle or if you see a hole in the middle, hit it hard.

When: 1st or 2nd.  Not very effective on 3rd or 4th down situations.  Never run on Goal Line.

Counter formation: Nickel.

7) TRIPS HB SMASH (Single Back)

madden mobile 17 video game

Couple of trips run plays. Surprise!

How: Run it up the middle.

When: 1st or 2nd downs.  Often good for 5 yards.  Not too effective in other situations.

Counter formation: Nickel.

8) HB CUTBACK (Single Back)

How: After cut, look for a hole first.  If no hole, try and run it around the tackle.

When: I only run this on 1st down when I know other run plays will be countered.  Good chance of getting 5 yards if not countered.  I also run this to move the ball to a different hash.  For example, to shift to the left hash to set up another play.

Counter formation: Nickel.  This play will die when countered.

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