Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: Head-to-Head Rivalry Games

By | September 7, 2016

Head-to-head play in Madden Mobile 17 is a battle.  You’ll get bloody and bruised.  You’ll want to give up.  But you won’t because you want that 99 Gronkowski!  To get him, you need to climb the divisions.  13 times, in fact.  That’s 10 million fans.  Sounds daunting, but it’s not.  I don’t consider myself a top Madden player, but I was ranked 66 overall last year, and this year, achieved Hall of Fame in just 4 weeks.

Below are tips to help you move up the tiers and get that Gronk!

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2016 Final Rivalry Ranking: #66 Overall

Tips for Success: Head-to-Head

First of all, here’s how it works.  There are five divisions with 12 sub-divisions.  Each level requires you to achieve a fan milestone.  For example, the All-Madden tier will require 1 million fans.

You earn fans by doing something positive in an H2H game.  If you win a game, you earn fans.  If you score a touchdown or kick a field goal, you earn fans.

You lose fans by doing something negative, like losing or throwing a pick.

However, the number of fans you earn from a positive action is greater than the number of fans you lose from a negative.  For example, if you win a game at the HoF tier, you’ll gain 150K fans.  If you lose a game, you only lose 100K fans.  So, if you play two games, win one and lose the other, you’ll still net 50K fans.

You also gain fans if your opponent does some negative (a positive for you) and likewise, you’ll lose fans if your opponent does something positive.

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Each division gets harder as you move up

1) Play a lot of games

As noted above, you win more fans than you lose.  You gain fans from defense.  So the more you play, the faster you’ll move up the ladder.

2) Go for fans, not wins

The game is easy at the lower tiers.  4th and long?  No problem.  Run Hail Mary and your TE will haul it in.

Different story at All-Pro and up.  Even Linebackers will make acrobatic plays downfield.  Once you reach All-Pro, you have to play for fans.  Wins are great, but don’t call low-percentage plays for the win-or-nothing.

4th and goal at the 1 yard line?  Very tempting, but kick the field goal and get the fans.  You might lose the game as a result, but the FG is 99% guaranteed at that range.  Going for the TD is probably less than 50%, especially at the HoF level.

See below.  I went 2-3 over a 5 five game stretch, but still netted fans.  Go for the fans.

madden mobile 17 video game

Lost 3 of 5 but still gained fans.

3) Extra Point: Start with 2, then kick the 1

Go for two points up through All-Pro.  At the easier levels, the chances of converting is high even if countered.  But once you reach All-Madden, the chances of converting the two pointer drops significantly.  Get the sure point and put the pressure on your opponent.

4) Run before pass

The Defense develops super-human speed once you reach All-Madden.  Even Linebackers will outrun your Wide Receivers.  Get pass crazy and the chances of a pick or sack shoot up.  Run the ball, even on third and long.  Pass only when you need to, like 4th and long.  Or pass on running downs, like 2nd and short.

Rushing plays are also easier to execute and don’t require as much practice and defense recognition as pass plays.

5) Touchback, always

If the kickoff is in the end zone, hit the fair catch button and get the touchback.  Don’t try and run it out.  You won’t make it very far.

madden mobile 17 video game

Don’t run it out, you won’t make it

6) Have a script

One great new feature of Madden Mobile 17 is the gameplan function.  Unlike Madden Mobile 16, you can’t run the same play every down.  You have to run a ton of different plays.  As a result, it may become difficult to keep track of what’s countered and what’s not.  Having a script will make it easier for you to plan your second and third drives.

For example, my first drive usually consists of HB Dive Week, Strong I Twins PA Cross, HB Blast, PA TE Corner, HB Pitch, and/or Spread Slot Flags.  If those plays are countered, I have a good idea which plays to stay away from during my subsequent drives.  If my scheme is more random during my first drive, it’s difficult to remember which plays were countered.

7) Throw away to gain

If you’re outside the tackle box, you have the option to throw away the ball.  There’s a little trash can button on pass plays.  Know how to use it.  It’s fundamental football – it’s better to throw away the ball than risk a turnover, especially in the All-Madden and HoF tiers.

8) Get a good Kicker

Don’t buy players at the auction, especially at the beginning of the season.

Read my post on why you shouldn’t use the auction: Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success — Should I Use the Auction?

There is one exception.  Get a good kicker.  Kick-power is the most important stat.  90 and up should do.  This will significantly shorten the field and help you net fans.  For example, a kicker with 90 KP will be able to kick one from the 30 yard line.  Anything below that will require you to reach at least the 25 yard line.  Those five yards could mean millions of fans over several games.

9) Set your defense

It may be difficult to get gameplan cards at the beginning, but set and upgrade as quickly as possible.  Don’t bother with collecting bronze gameplans.  Trade them for silver until you can upgrade to gold.  Have at least two gameplans: one for passing and one for rushing.  Set the passing one as your default and switch to rushing if your opponent is a runner.

10) Practice, practice, practice!

Yep, obvious, but you need at least 10 go-to plays in Madden Mobile 17.  Know the routes, and learn to recognize the defense.  Only way to do that is to practice.

Hope this helps.  See you on the field.  Happy Maddening!

madden mobile 17 video game

The Prize: 99 Gronk

8 thoughts on “Madden Mobile 17 Tips for Success: Head-to-Head Rivalry Games

  1. Aaron Rohr

    Can somebody tell me how the same guys that I loose to in hall of fame h2h keep playing me over and over again. When I search those guys littlemousy, horsecock, etc they are all like top 10 with 2 billion fans so they’ve figured out a way to replay the guys that can’t beat them over and over again

  2. Howard Miller

    Thanks for the great tips. I was trudging along and was close to getting to HOF level and 99 Gronkowski. Your tip of going for the FG and gaining +fans instead of throwing an interception and risking losing -fans, was helpful and I was able to get the last million or so fans more quickly.

  3. Peter Miller

    How can I build a good gameplan fast a with only about 50k found? What items do you recommend for the 2 game plan types you mentioned?

  4. SERG

    thanks for the tips and i will follow for step. thanks man i really need some idea and your was the best thanks.

  5. Jorge Luis Rincon Suarez

    i have a 82ovr team and is my firts step into all-madden, (last season i dont pass over all-pro III), i follow your steps and its better going for fans, now im on all-madden 2 but stuck in 3million, i have to play more games now, looking foward to that gronk..!!


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